Bug #32867

Creating ansible collection repo fails with: "Invalid URL Ensure the URL ends '/'" but repo gets created

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Description of problem:

Creating a repo using one of the hints in UI hint leads to pop-up error in the repository dialog, but repo gets created in the background

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
Satellite 6.10 snap 1

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create product, create repo within it
2. In the repository creation dialog, select ansible collection type
3. For Upstream URL you can pick from example urls from the popup hint (,, or use different url in the suggested from (I used, click save
4. Red pop-up error box shows up with the following content:

Task c158e696-c92f-4f24-b7f4-7daf2eec41fd: PulpAnsibleClient::ApiError: Error message: the server returns an error HTTP status code: 400 Response headers: {"Date"=>"Wed, 19 May 2021 10:36:05 GMT", "Server"=>"gunicorn/20.0.4", "Content-Type"=>"application/json", "Vary"=>"Accept,Cookie", "Allow"=>"GET, POST, HEAD, OPTIONS", "X-Frame-Options"=>"SAMEORIGIN", "Content-Length"=>"127", "Correlation-ID"=>"13312c8a-5d2b-4118-8f34-4b7d3ea835fc", "Access-Control-Expose-Headers"=>"Correlation-ID", "Via"=>"1.1", "Connection"=>"close"} Response body: {"non_field_errors":["Invalid URL Ensure the URL ends '/'."]}

5. Add trailing '/' to the url, click save again -- form complains "name already taken" -- the repository actually got created in step 3
6. Trying to sync that repo fails with:
"Required lock is already taken by other running tasks"

Actual results:
described above

Expected results:
The repository shouldn't be created contrary to the UI error message. Also the message could be clearer and the UI hint shouldn't suggest the invalid repo form. Or, the check for the trailing / should be relaxed...

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Revision ae8389d2 (diff)
Added by Samir Jha over 1 year ago

Fixes #32867 - Add validations around collection repos (#9423)

Revision 82991c0e (diff)
Added by Samir Jha over 1 year ago

Refs #32867 - Create Remote in plan phase (#9497)


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