Bug #33241

404 error through content proxy due to incorrect location_href

Added by Gerald Vogt 9 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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I posted this here:

It seems that for some reason the main server and the content proxy can use different schemas for the organization of the packages inside a repository which doesn't always seem to match.

Client accesses content proxy to retrieve the latest kibana rpm:

which results in a 404 for the client.

The content proxy uses the following URL to get the rpm from the main server:

which does not exist. The correct URL would be:


#1 Updated by Chris Roberts 9 months ago

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#2 Updated by Gerald Vogt 9 months ago

This issue also affects other repositories like centos7 updates. I have just posted more in the community

For example, access through the proxy to bind-libs

is mapped to the main server URL

which does not exist. The main server has it at

I have just noticed this during a pxe installation test. It's not only bind-libs but according to the logs a total of 133 packages could not be downloaded...

#3 Updated by Justin Sherrill 5 months ago

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Closing this as the underlying problem was that pulp was mirroring metadata that shouldn't be mirrored. This was due to 'mirror on sync' being reused for that feature. You can disable mirror on sync for now, but in 4.3 a new option 'mirroring policy' is present to give more fine grained control of this mirroring.

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