Bug #33276

Updating per_page on table sends the page into infinite loops

Added by Samir Jha over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Web UI
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On any page of CV UI with a table, update pagination per_page to a value of 5.
The table keeps refreshing between the new perPage value and the default value.

Associated revisions

Revision fbdd242a (diff)
Added by Jeremy Lenz over 1 year ago

Fixes #33276 - Improve TableWrapper change tracking for search & pagination (#9727)

  • Fixes #33276 - Improve TableWrapper logic & track activeFilters


#1 Updated by Jeremy Lenz over 1 year ago

<jeremylenz> We need to be sure that if the user has changed the perPage value in the dropdown, we no longer care about what's in the Setting.
<adewar> indeed
<jeremylenz> so we could maybe useRef and set a flag
<jeremylenz> and check that flag inside onPaginationUpdate
<jeremylenz> sorry, check that flag right after we set our consts
<jeremylenz> and not use Foreman settings if the user has already set a perPage
<jeremylenz> this may not be fully thought out yet, but i do think we need some sort of decision to use or not use foremanPerPage
<jeremylenz> and don't just use it blindly as a fallback like we're doing
<jeremylenz> we should be checking it once and only once
<jeremylenz> and thereafter we only care about what the user has selected in the dropdown

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