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As a user, I can expect my ACSs to be refreshed appropriately

Added by Ian Ballou 9 months ago. Updated 17 days ago.

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When to refresh:
1) At ACS creation time
2) On a cron-based schedule
-> cron config:
-> The user can edit the cron config if they choose
3) When an ACS refresh API endpoint is hit

It would also be good to have a rake task to refresh the ACSs.

At refresh time, also update the remote and/or ACS if necessary.

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Revision 68b2cc92 (diff)
Added by Ian Ballou 18 days ago

Fixes #33449 - Alternate Content Source refreshing support (#10083)


#1 Updated by Ian Ballou 9 months ago

We should also ensure there is a hammer command to refresh ACSs.

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#5 Updated by Ian Ballou about 1 month ago

As part of this, we need to ensure the ACS API returns a 'last refreshed' parameter for the UI.

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Just to be clear, this issue did not take care of the cron job. There is a separate packaging issue for that.

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