Feature #3377

Altlinux Operating Systems Support

Added by Sergey Logvinov over 9 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Host creation
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Support AltLinux (

3 default provision templates
  • PXE template
    label alt
    kernel <%= @kernel %>
    append initrd=<%= @initrd %> stagename=altinst showopts ramdisk_size=150000 automatic=method:http,network:dhcp,server:DISTRHOST,directory:/altlinux/p<%= @host.operatingsystem.major %>/<%= @host.architecture %> ai curl=<%= foreman_url("provision") %> 
  • main provision
    ("/sysconfig-base/language" action "write" lang ("en_US"))
    ("/sysconfig-base/kbd" action "write" layout "ctrl_shift_toggle")
    ("/datetime-installer" action "write" commit #t name "RU" zone "Europe/Moscow" utc #t)
    ("/evms/control" action "write" control open installer #t)
    ("/evms/control" action "write" control update)
    ("/evms/profiles/<%= @host.params['diskprofile'] || 'server' %>" action apply commit #f clearall #t exclude ())
    ("/evms/control" action "write" control commit)
    ("/evms/control" action "write" control close)
    ("/pkg-init" action "write")
    ("/pkg-install" action "write" lists "<%= @host.params['pkg_list'] || '' %>" auto #t)
    ("/preinstall" action "write")
    ("/grub" action "write" language ("en_US") device "<%= @host.params['device'] || '/dev/sda' %>")
    ("/net-eth" action "write" reset #t)
    ("/net-eth" action "write" name "eth0" configuration "dhcp" computer_name "<%= @host.shortname %>")
    ("/net-eth" action "write" commit #t)
    ("/root/change_password" language ("en_US") passwd_2 "123" passwd_1 "123")
    ("/users/create_account" new_name "da" gecos "" allow_su #t auto #f passwd_1 "123" passwd_2 "123")
  • partition table example
      (title . "Setup for server")
      (action . trivial)
      (actiondata  ("swap" (size . 2021760)  (fsim . "SWAPFS") (methods plain))
                   ("/" (size 15000000 . #t) (fsim . "Ext2/3") (methods plain))
  • packages list get from distrib #{@mediapath}/Metadata/pkg-groups.tar

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Revision 546b3e67 (diff)
Added by Sergey Logvinov almost 9 years ago

Add altlinux templates refs #3377

Revision 290ab45f
Added by Dominic Cleal over 8 years ago

Merge pull request #86 from sergelogvinov/3377-add_altlinux_support

Add altlinux templates refs #3377

Revision 22671c50 (diff)
Added by Kot over 8 years ago

Fixes #3377 - Add altlinux support


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