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[RFE] Need syncable yum-format repository exports

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The current repository export/import mechanism is optimized for Katello 4.0 and above to cleanly track version changesets and apply them in a consistent way. However many customers in disconnected setup don't have control on the version of the importing satellite (it may be any 6.x). These users would like an export option which generates files in yum format so as to be able to enable and sync repositories via httpd or local file system directly in the importing satellite (similar to the way they did in katello 3.18 and before)

In lieu of this we need
1. Add the ability to generate repositories in yum format.
2. Optionally add generation of listing files which may be necessary for enabling and syncing (this is presently not possible because pulp doesn't store listing files. So will need to design the mechanism.)
3. The rpms would ideally be hardlinks so that they don't 2X extra space.

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