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Application URL prefix/root needs to be configurable and supported/used by the application/engine.

Added by Brad Buckingham over 8 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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When we run foreman with katello as an engine, we need to be able to support running the application with a defined prefix/root (e.g. /foreman). An apache web server will route/proxy requests to the application; however, since apache will be routing requests to multiple applications (e.g. foreman+katello, pulp...etc), using / as the prefix is not sufficient.

The solution for addressing this needs to be investigated.

One possible solution might involve:

1. specify a RAILS root for the application (e.g. RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT=/foreman)
2. update foreman to support requests using the RAILS root (e.g. /foreman/hosts)
3. update katello engine to support requests using the RAILS root as well as the engine root (e.g. /foreman/katello/products)

1 & 2 should be supported today.

3 will definitely require some work. Based on some initial testing, it appears that routes used by angularjs are hard-coded to assume /katello; however, there may be other scenarios that are impacted. In order to address this, it may be possible to leverage either Rails.root + Katello::Engine.root or the url_prefix specified in katello.yml.


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I believe this is something Foreman already allows for and if you feel that I am in error, please re-open and switch to Foreman project.

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