Bug #34941

Ubuntu Autoinstall PXELinux template does not reference Smart Proxy correctly

Added by Bastian Schmidt 10 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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When deploying an Ubuntu 22.04 host, the corresponding PXELinux template holds two addresses:
  • the iso image url (``)
  • the userdata interface url (``)

In order to reference these addresses in the template, the `@preseed_server` variable is used which links to ``. This works fine for direct Foreman-based deployments.

If we want to deploy from a Smart Proxy now, a problem arises with the userdata interface: The Smart Proxy itself does not provide the userdata interface directly, but it forwards the request to the Foreman. The port to forward this request is by default ``. Unfortunately, the `@preseed_server` variable contains the port `:80` which is wrong in this scenario.
In order to reference the template server, which is supposed to be used here, we must use the correct port. A different variable than `@preseed_server` must be used which holds the corresponding Smart Proxy port (by default :8000)

Associated revisions

Revision 8fbfbca3 (diff)
Added by Bastian Schmidt 8 months ago

Fixes #34941 - Enable Ubuntu Autoinstall smart proxy deployment

  • Use foreman_request_addr to reference correct Foreman/smart proxy port
  • Use kernel and boot file variables from medium provider instead of static paths

Co-authored-by: Evgeni Golov <>


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