Bug #35578

NetPlan templates broken when using Dual Stack environments

Added by Anthony Somerset 2 months ago. Updated 6 days ago.

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When deploying a host with Ubuntu AutoInstall and deploying static dual stack (both IPv4 and IPv6) due to the current netplan generic template, the last addresses and nameservers blocks take precedence which means you lose IPv4 connectivity which means that if your foreman host is on V4 only the build will fail to complete during the late commands or possibly (unverified by me) your newly built system will only have working IPv4 after reboot

The NetPlan Generic template should be updated to change how the addresses and nameservers values are generated - i will submit a PR for this

Associated revisions

Revision 73f9b501 (diff)
Added by Anthony Somerset about 2 months ago

fixes #35578: Netplan fixes for different static cases

fixes #35578 - preseed_netplan_generic_interface - proper IPv6

If running a dual stack setup this fixes the netplan generation

1) gateway6 not gateway4 for the gateway (we should be moving to routes defined as the gatewayN is deprecated
2) if you do seperate addresses and nameservers blocks the LAST takes precedence so you end up having no ipv4 connectivity to complete builds etc

formatting looks screwy but its what stopped giving extra line breaks in the middle of the nameservers lines - there is probably a better way to do this...

fixes #35578 - review fixes and logic tidy v6only

Now works reliably in the V6 only or v4 only state reliably

Refs #35578: set gateway v4 only if static and present

fix single stack dns

Co-Authored-By: Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden <>

Revision e74661ef (diff)
Added by Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden 6 days ago

Refs #35578 - Fix netplan interface template syntax (#9515)

Fixes: 73f9b5017f4598b340f78102ed010ab379ecffe6


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