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Ubuntu Autoinstall enable offline and online installation

Added by Bastian Schmidt 3 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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The userdata template preseed_autoinstall_cloud_init defines the installer configuration for a new Ubuntu host. This includes also an initial package manager setup which configures a repository for apt.
As of now, the URL is set statically. This leads to an error if the host cannot reach this URL during the initial installer setup. This is usually the case if a host is supposed to be deployed offline and should not have access to the Internet.

We need an option to enable offline installation for Ubuntu host deployment. This could be achieved by assigning a mirror dynamically.

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Revision 8498dedf (diff)
Added by Bastian Schmidt about 1 month ago

Fixes #35719 - Preseed Autoinstall auto updates

  • Disable installer auto-updates depending on 'activation
    key' and host param 'package_upgrade'
  • Add template description

Co-authored-by: Marcel K├╝hlhorn <>


#1 Updated by Bastian Schmidt 3 months ago

After further research, we found out:

Instead of assigning an URL for the offline installation, we can disable the auto-updates of the installer.
Moreover, in katello-supported EL finish templates, host upgrades are managed by the finish template. Therefore, no auto-update of the installer is necessary (see EL finish template:

However, I propose to differentiate between the following use cases:

- katello[y]?:
-- managed by finish script (disable corresponding components)
- katello[n]?:
-- use official repos
- disable corresponding components

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