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Repo auto-discovery from CLI needs to provide non-interactive interface

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Using the CLI to auto-discover repositories require manual intervention when adding URLS to a product. For automation this is a blocker and it would be nice to allow the existing -g and -v flags to return a list of URLS and exit. The current behavior is to display a list of auto-discovered URLS and prompt the user to perform a selection:

Select urls for which candidate repos should be created; use `y` to confirm (h for help):h

'a'        : select all
'x:y' : select a range eg:1:3
<sel> : select value in range (1-302) to toggle selection
'y' : confirm selection
'c' : clear selections
'q' : abort the repo creation

Being able to fetch a list of URLs would allow us to automatically create repositories that were found via the discovery method.

Created: omaciel on March 22, 2013 20:47 +00:00
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Discussed that we will add a -l or --list option to only show what is available so that output can be used in subsequent commands.

Created: mccun934 on April 03, 2013 14:53 +00:00
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