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Need to provide better notification when adding repositories to a product

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Using auto-discovery, if you attempt to add multiple repositories to an existing product where some of these repositories already exist, only new repositories are added. However, the user is shown a generic error notification stating:

Label has already been taken

In order to conform with other similar behaviors in the UI, I'd recommend:

  • Display a message stating how many repositories (or which ones) have been added and have not been added
  • The notification should only be the color red if something went wrong
  • If none of the selected repositories were added because they already exist in the selected product, then show a neutral colored notification (gray)

Created: omaciel on March 22, 2013 15:40 +00:00
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Comment 1

Og Maciel is going to revisit this to determine what might be a better error routine

we at least need to make it more obvious which repo failed to create as the 'Label has already been taken' isn't descriptive enough

Created: mccun934 on April 03, 2013 15:01 +00:00
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Comment 2

Og Maciel I thought it was pretty obvious as the error was next to the repository that failed to create and creation would stop, giving you the opportunity to correct the error. I'll double check with the new re-write to see how it behaves.

Created: jlsherrill on January 13, 2014 15:07 +00:00
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I believe this has been resolved with changes to this page in the 2.1 release, if you still see this as an issue please re-open.

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