Bug #4364

Synchronization message from a Repository page links to incorrect URL

Added by Og Maciel over 8 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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After using the web UI to create a valid product/provider/repository, I then selected said repository and clicked the Sync Now button. Once I saw that the sync process was done (I was tailing logs), I reloaded the page and noticed a Finished message/link next to the repository (see attached screenshot). When I clicked on this link, I was taken to /katello/sync_management/index, which does not exist and gives me a "The page you were looking for doesn't exist" message. The correct url should be /katello/sync_management.

To reproduce it, make sure that you first select the product and then select the repository.

Associated revisions

Revision dd17dbc6 (diff)
Added by Eric Helms about 8 years ago

Fixes #4364: Adjust sync_management links to the proper page.

Revision c22f3e22
Added by Eric Helms about 8 years ago

Merge pull request #3948 from ehelms/fixes-4364

Fixes #4364: Adjust sync_management links to the proper page.


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You also get this when an error occurs. I attempted to sync a repo with a https:// prefix but it was not exposed over https://. The new products page repo overview showed me "error" for sync status. When I clicked on that, I was taken to:


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