Bug #5123

Proxy reuses existing leases ignoring DHCP range specified

Added by Lukas Zapletal over 6 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Reported by Nick Jones.

I think the confusion comes about because the expected behaviour - having
filled out the autosuggestion range range in the Foreman UI - is that it'll
only return a suggested address from within that range. The function
within subnet.rb re-uses the existing lease if found for the autosuggestion
when it comes to provisioning, which may well be outside of this range when
you're using the auto discovery feature like we're doing.

Associated revisions

Revision 54ee3a8a (diff)
Added by Sean Handley over 6 years ago

fixes #5123 - IP only from the same subnet and range

Revision 85098a3c (diff)
Added by Matt Jarvis over 6 years ago

fixes #5123 - corrected string typos


#1 Updated by Lukas Zapletal over 6 years ago

I think the behaviour we were expecting in pseudo code would be something
like :

if host has been provisioned before in foreman ( ie. it is a registered
host and has a static DHCP lease defined )

re-use existing dhcp record

elif host is a discovered host ( ie. it has a dynamic lease )

check autosuggestion range and suggest free IP

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