Bug #5233

System Groups: Systems pane: clicking system names doesn't work properly

Added by Brad Buckingham over 6 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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When the user clicks a system name from the Systems pane for a System Group, they are not correctly redirected to the systems page.

1. go to Hosts -> System Groups
2. select a system group
3. select the Systems pane (or Content Hosts, if that is what is is now labelled as)
4. click one of the items under the Name column

NOTE: the same behavior will occur from both the Remove/List and Add panes; therefore, this issue should address fixing both.

5. observe that it attempts to redirect to the Systems page; however, it isn't able to load the selected system. Observe an error similar to the following in the rails log:

Processing by Katello::Api::V2::SystemsController#show as JSON
Parameters: {"fields"=>"full", "api_version"=>"v2", "id"=>"4"}
Setting locale: en
Checking params for katello/api/v2/systems/show
Katello::System Load (0.3ms) SELECT "katello_systems".* FROM "katello_systems" WHERE "katello_systems"."uuid" = '4' LIMIT 1
Katello::Errors::UserNotSet: unauthenticated to call a backend engine

Completed 403 Forbidden in 6.0ms (Views: 0.3ms | ActiveRecord: 0.3ms)
With body: {"displayMessage":"unauthenticated to call a backend engine","errors":["unauthenticated to call a backend engine"]}

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Revision 545112da (diff)
Added by Brad Buckingham over 6 years ago

fixes #5233 - System Groups UI - fix cross-linking to the systems page

The cross-linking is using the active record id; however, the systems
page expects the system uuid to be used.


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