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Failed validation on Repository label raises a weird error message on

Added by Partha Aji almost 6 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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1) Create a repository
2) then create a second one with same label. Something like

$ hammer repository create --name=boo1 --label=boo --product=justin --organization-id=1 --content-type=yum --url=
Could not create the repository:
Validation failed: Pulp has already been taken, Label has already been taken for this product.

This call is raising the right error and telling me correctly that the label has already been taken. But I don't know why it says Pulp has already been taken. I have no product or repos called pulp.

Basically this happens because of

validates :pulp_id, :presence => true, :uniqueness => true

However the user has no concept of a "pulp_id". Its more an internal attribute that is required to connect repos from katello to pulp . We need to somehow suppress this error message.


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