Feature #6441

filter parameters by request path.

Added by dustin tsang about 4 years ago. Updated 8 days ago.

Assignee:dustin tsang
Target version:1.6.0
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In katello, we need a mechanism to filter out certain parameters from logging because they are causing the log to fill up with unreadable text:

Processing by Katello::Api::V2::ContentUploadsController#create as application/json;version=2
Parameters: {"api_version"=>"v2", "repository_id"=>"17", "content_upload"=>{}}
Expire fragment views/tabs_and_title_records-1 (0.3ms)
Authorized user admin(Admin User)
Completed 200 OK in 171ms (Views: 0.7ms | ActiveRecord: 26.0ms)
Processing by Apipie::ApipiesController#apipie_checksum as JSON
Parameters: {"apipy"=>{}}
Rendered /opt/rh/ruby193/root/usr/share/gems/gems/apipie-rails-0.1.2/app/views/apipie/apipies/apipie_checksum.json.erb (0.2ms)
Completed 200 OK in 4ms (Views: 3.5ms | ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)
Processing by Katello::Api::V2::ContentUploadsController#update as application/json;version=2
Parameters: {"offset"=>"0", "content"=>"\u001F\x8B\b\u0000tdTR\u0000\u0003\xED=ks\xDB8\x92\xF3\x99\xBF\u0002\xE7\xA4J\xF6\x94-\xF3%R\xD2]\xA6Λ8\x89\xEB2v\xCANfkk*\xE5\u0005I\xD0\xE6\x86\"u$\u0015Ǘ\xF2\xFD\xF6\xEBƃ\")J\xB2c\x8D\x92Kػ\u0013K \xD0\xDD\xE8\a\u001A@\x83\xD0t6\x9D\xB2\"\xA6^~\x90ͼ\xDB\u0003\xBDo\xF4\xF5\xC3_6\n\xBA\xAE\xBB\x83\u0001\xE1\u007F\u001D\xF1W7m\xF1W\u00021L\xD3\u001C\xE8\x8Ei86э\x81=\xD0\u007F!\x83Ͳ\xD1\u000E\xB3\xBC\xA0\u0019\xB0B\xA7,I\xD8\xED\xD2zP-\fW\xE0\x91\xFD(\xFF\xFE?\x81i\xAB\xFE\x9F\xBF>:}u\xFC\xE6\xEC\xD5Fh\x80<\u001C\xDB^\xAE\xFF\x81\xD3Կ\xE38\xD6/D\xDF\b\xF55\xF0\x93\xEB\xDF\xD4\r\xEB\xC0\xD0\u000F\xF4!9 \u007F\xB0,\x8F҄p#д\x8B\xD9dB\xB3۱\xA6\x9D\xB3\x98ќ\u0011\x9A\x90\xD94\xA0\u0005\v\xC8'Y7\rIq\u001D\xE5}\xF2:\xBA\xBA\x8E\xE1\xBF\"'Q\xE2dz\x80\x913\x90\xE9\xC5\xFB\x8Bch\u0017\x90+\x96\xB0\x8C\xC6Z>͢\xE4\x8A\xF8\x801\xC1\u000FA\x9A0\xE2ݒt\x96\x91\x9B4\tX\u0016\xCEb⧓\xC9,\x89\x8A[2a\u0013\u000Fh\xFD\x9B\xA6\xBDd\xB4\x98e,\u001Fk\as\xD49\u0018p\x9A\u0015Pt\u0014\xC7\xE9\r\xF9'\x9A\xF1\u0015\x9B\xE4\x97S\xEA\u007F\xA4W\xEC\x9F$\u0005^\xB3(`}\xAC\u0014 '\x93\xEBt\xC2HH\xFDB\x95e\u0011\x91\xF5\xFB@(\xFA,\xA8\xBC\x89\x92\x

It would be nice to be able to filter by request url since we don't want to filter out the param from being logged across the entire application.

Associated revisions

Revision cb49ec82
Added by dustin tsang about 4 years ago

fixes #6441 - allows filtering of parameters per controller

There is an issue where certain parameters for particular
controllers are causing the log to fill up. This allows the ability
to filter parameters by controller.

This allows each controller to add additional parameters to filter.
In a controller, to filter parameters name and description, you can add
the following:

include Foreman::Controller::FilterParameters
filter_parameters :name, :description


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