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Physical location management/visualization

Added by Dis Connect over 13 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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At the end of the day, physical host information is just more facts - there should be a way to specify this in foreman, and visualize it in a reasonable way.

We're currently setting up for this, but there shouldn't be any reason that Foreman wouldn't do a better job.

In my ideal world, a nagios host page links to foreman where i can see its location (or vm host if its a vm) and all my support info is in one place.

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Follows Foreman - Feature #996: add plugins supportResolvedJoseph Magen06/19/2011Actions
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Updated by Ohad Levy about 13 years ago

I fully agree... I would like to see a plugin architecture for foreman first, where custom screens / functionality could be added.

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Updated by Benjamin Papillon over 11 years ago

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The feature organisation/localisation went in few days ago, can you try a recent version (daily rpm/deb) and see if it matches your problem?

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Updated by Dis Connect over 11 years ago

Unfortunately I'm not at a company with a puppet/foreman infrastructure anymore so I can't test.

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Updated by Benjamin Papillon over 11 years ago

I checked a little rackmonkey. I think the word "Location" does not mean the same for the Org patch and your ticket.

By location, you mean the rackmonkey way : room 4, line 2, bay 15, U 21-22
The Org patch has a more global approach :
DC Atlanta (user:joe, dnssrvn=, ntpsrv=...)
DC London (user:theo, dnssrvn=, ntpsrv=...)

I won't close this feature request as the provided solution does not match your need.
Too bad you don't work with foreman anymore!

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Updated by Benjamin Papillon over 11 years ago

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