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Build out better installer build strategy

Added by Stephen Benjamin almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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In katello-installer we use librarian, but IMHO submodules are easier to manage for our use cases


#1 Updated by Ivan Necas almost 8 years ago

I don't think working with librarian-puppet is ideal. But I definitely have no good experience with using git submodules extensively. Also, as the foreman-installer uses the librarian, it makes sense for katello-installer to use the same. The reason why we store the modules within the katello-installer is easier downstream process than without it.

#2 Updated by Stephen Benjamin almost 8 years ago

  • Subject changed from Puppet manifests should use git submodules instead of librarian to Build out better installer build strategy

#3 Updated by Eric Helms almost 8 years ago

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Some things to consider:

1. Can we adopt Foreman method of pulling in modules at build time?
2. How do we cherry-pick fixes?
3. How do downstream builds work in light of the upstream process?

#4 Updated by Stephen Benjamin almost 8 years ago

Foreman used to use submodules so maybe we can see what the pros/cons are. The Foreman way of pulling in at build time is also OK. Opening this request was mostly prompted by a PR I had last week and this one:

I find it difficult to locate where the actual change was vs. just updating the modules, it generates a lot of noise.

#5 Updated by Eric Helms over 6 years ago

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We have moved to the same model as foreman-installer of not keepin gmodules in git

#6 Updated by Eric Helms almost 6 years ago

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