Bug #708

Domain checking code doubling up domain in hostnames

Added by Frank Sweetser over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

Host creation
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In 0.1-6, foreman began checking to ensure that hostnames which have the domain column set to a non-null value end in the matching domain value. However, the code that does the check is doing case-sensitive matching, which can cause hosts to have doubled up hostnames. For example, "" might become "", which of course means that future check-ins, reports, etc don't get associated with that host. Instead, an empty new record for "" appears to get created (from the reports, perhaps?) which needs to be deleted after fixing the original record.

Trivial patch that fixes the issue attached.

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Revision 99f00455 (diff)
Added by Frank Sweetser over 11 years ago

fixes #708 - Perform case insensitive match when checking if hostname includes domain

Revision 7736608a (diff)
Added by Ben Roberts 5 months ago

Support multiple envs_dir directories

This module adds support for the puppet environmentpath setting to be configured
using multiple directories. An example use-case is where r10k is in use to
deploy some but not all environments, to avoid unmanaged environments being
purged by r10k. Directories (whether one, or multiple) are passed as an
Array of Stdlib::Absolutepath values.

This is a breaking change, as a single string will no longer be accepted.

- Each listed environmentpath directory will be created and managed by puppet
- The default post-receive hook script uses the first listed directory in
`envs_dir` to create initial environments to maintain backward compatibility.

Tests are included to ensure that all listed directories are created and

Fixes #708


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