Feature #756

Foreman doesn't see puppet environment's modulepath changes until restart

Added by Marcello de Sousa over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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I manage my modulepaths via puppet recipes. When they change, puppet sees it, but Foreman doesn't until I restart it.

As discussed with Ohad (on IRC) :

<marcellods> btw, is it normal that I have to restart foreman when a modulepath (from a puppet environment) changes  ?
< ohadlevy> marcellods: yeah, foreman reads puppet config upon initialization
< ohadlevy> marcellods: unless you run it via rake
< ohadlevy> it would take longer, but we can check if the modulepath changed
< ohadlevy> marcellods: ... i think that the rake task should detect it
< ohadlevy> marcellods: it should not detect it when you click on import from the ui

Related issues

Related to Foreman - Bug #565: "rake puppet:import:puppet_classes" not detecting changes properlyClosed2011-01-04

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Revision c1303d66 (diff)
Added by Marcello de Sousa over 10 years ago

Fixes #756 - Foreman should now detect changes in puppet.conf (eg: environments) when importing classes

Signed-off-by: Marcello de Sousa <>


#1 Updated by Marcello de Sousa over 10 years ago

As discussed while testing Bug #565: if Foreman is not restarted, changes in the environment configuration (new environment, change in modulepaths,etc) won't be seen.

This was creating a strange effect here:
- A new environment was created and imported via rake import task (the task sees the changes)
- Then on the GUI another a user trying to import a new class would see that environment as obsolete.

So, it would be nice if Foreman could always see changes in the puppet config without the need to restart it (like the rake task does).

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