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parameterized class support

Added by Ashley Penney over 12 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

Puppet integration
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Description is the ticket for this.

Basically I think the UI should be updated so that when you select a class it either gives you the parameters directly below or creates new boxes (like the existing parameters one) below that list:

Class name:
Parameter name [ box to type in ]
Parameter name 2 [ box to type in ]

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Updated by Romain Vrignaud over 12 years ago

+1 It would be very usefull !

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Updated by Ignace Mouzannar about 12 years ago

I agree, this would be greatly useful.

I there a way to take advantage of puppet's parameterized classes via Foreman's ENC (even if it isn't supported in GUI yet)?

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Updated by Romain Vrignaud almost 12 years ago

For me, the use case should be :

  • After importing puppet classes, I should be able to edit class and in a "Parameterized Class" Tab I should be able to add as many paramaters as I want and optional default value for each parameter.
  • When I edit an hostgroup and I add a parameterized class to this hostgroup : it should show under the list class (or in parameter tab ?) the list of declared paramater for that class and I should be able to edit the keys. If I don't set any value then it should be mandatory to be done during host edition.
  • In the same idea, If I add a parameterized class to an host, I should be able to configure the parameterized class in the same way.
  • If one of my host is declared as a member of an hostgroup which include a parameterized class, I should see the value affected in hostgroup. (see Feature #1165)
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Updated by James Kerby over 11 years ago

There was an IRC meetup to discuss this issue in December. Does anyone have any feedback on that discussion and whether this will be implemented anytime soon?

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Updated by Glen Ogilvie over 11 years ago

Any progress on this? I see that ticket 5045, has been merged, so puppet itself supports parameterized classes from an external node classifier.
Maybe this could go into foreman release 0.5?

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Updated by James Kerby over 11 years ago

Yes, we've been kicking our heels waiting for puppet to support this. It would be great in Foreman could get this into 0.5

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Updated by Olivier Favre about 11 years ago

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a more recent hopefully soon to be merged here:

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