Bug #8450

missing remote_user when trying to create new organization

Added by Lincoln Bryant over 5 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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I'm trying to install a recompiled Satellite 6 on Scientific Linux 7.0 (essentially RHEL 7.0 recompiled from source)

Steps to reproduce:
1) Fresh install of Satellite 6 via katello-installer
2) Log in with admin account
3) Click Organizations -> Manage Organizations -> New Organization
4) Fill out Name, Label, Description. Click Submit

This returns an error page with the following output:

Task 3991a254-a044-40c9-9dda-b6d897102771: RuntimeError: missing :remote_user

If you feel this is an error with Satellite 6 itself, please open a new issue with Foreman ticketing system, You would probably need to attach the Full trace and relevant log entries. 

Task 3991a254-a044-40c9-9dda-b6d897102771: RuntimeError: missing :remote_user
app/controllers/concerns/foreman/controller/taxonomies_controller.rb:53:in `create'
app/models/concerns/foreman/thread_session.rb:33:in `clear_thread'
lib/middleware/catch_json_parse_errors.rb:9:in `call' 

Let me know if there are any other relevant logs to attach.


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We don't support Satellite 6 upstream, if you would like to re-compile Katello 2.0 for Scientific Linux we may be able to help walkthrough the issues you encounter.

#3 Updated by tony zheng almost 5 years ago

i got the same error message while creating the new org. i am on RHEL 6.6 and i download and installed foreman and katello manually myself by following your instructions on your page. please help.

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Thanks for reporting this issue. This issue was created over 4 years ago and hasn't seen an update in 1 year. We are closing this in an effort to keep a realistic backlog. Please open up a new issue that includes a link to this issue if you feel this still needs to be addressed. We can then triage the new issue and reassess.

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