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Custom product pools have no providedProducts

Added by Justin Sherrill about 8 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Redhat pools seem to have two product collections:

providedProducts - engineering products
productAttributes - seem to be 'marketing products' with no content

however pools for custom products only have 'productAttributes' which has the engineering product (as we don't create a separate marketing product).

This is a weird mismatch and needs to be investigated.


#1 Updated by Justin Sherrill about 8 years ago

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closing as this seems okay
jsherrill | dgoodwin: i noticed that for redhat pools
jsherrill | there is a list of providedProducts and productAttributes
jsherrill | providedProducts appear to be engineering products (that have content), and | productAttributes appear to be marketing products (which do not)
jsherrill | with me so far?
dgoodwin | correct
jsherrill | now for custom products, the providedProducts list is empty
jsherrill | and the productAttributes has the product that we created that does have | content
dgoodwin | empty provided products sounds ok as no systems would be reporting those as | instaleld product ids
dgoodwin | not necessarily wrong there
dgoodwin | product attributes, what do you see there exactly
jsherrill | one sec, let me make sure i'm getting the right data
jsherrill | dgoodwin:
jsherrill | thats the content of 'productAttributes'
jsherrill | of the pool
dgoodwin | ok yeah that looks ok
dgoodwin | jsherrill: so pool.productId must be your custom product ID, normally that's | a sku, and productAttributes are the attributes from that SKU product
dgoodwin | in your case there probably aren't any unless there's special behaviour you | want for the custom product
dgoodwin | which is unlikely
jsherrill | nah
dgoodwin | jsherrill: thus far it seems ok
jsherrill | okay
jsherrill | thanks!
dgoodwin | np
jsherrill | it seemed kinda opposite for custom and redhat products

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