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Extract Puppet functionality to a plugin

Added by Daniel Lobato Garcia almost 9 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

Puppet integration
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Currently Foreman is very reliant on Puppet. To the point adding new configuration management systems feel to most users like an addition to Puppet, but they can't get rid of it. Similarly, users who just want an inventory and provisioning tool are just not able to get a clean Foreman. Also this extraction hopefully will help us clean up old code. I don't think there's much room to extract things out of Foreman after this, so basically getting this done means Foreman core can be defined as:
  • Data center inventory (Hosts, Host groups, Params, Statistics, etc...)
  • Provisioning and orchestration of hosts
  • API to your infrastructure
  • Robust & flexible pluggable interface - should support any kind of crazy addition [1]
  • Multi-user (Auth sources, Roles, User groups, Users, Audits..)

The aim for this tracker is to cover issues for the removal of all Puppet dependencies, which in turn have to be linked with an issue for the creation of the equivalent thing in a plugin 'foreman_puppet'.

[1] : - make sure your BAC is within the OK range before deploying a bunch of new servers :)

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