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add plugins support

Added by Ohad Levy about 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

Plugin integration
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Foreman should allow 3rd party plugins support.

this would allow people to customize foreman for their needs without breaking the core functionality.

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Precedes Foreman - Feature #657: Physical location management/visualizationNew2011-06-202011-06-20


#1 Updated by monte olvera almost 11 years ago

this feature would really be nice as I would like to either 1) create a tab in Foreman which provides a link to a ChiliProject's Puppet Git Repository or 2) Create a Foreman Puppet Git Repository Plugin.

#2 Updated by Brian Smith over 10 years ago

Since foreman is a rails project, I see that we have the vendor/plugins directory, so in theory, you can already write plugins for the application. The question (for me, at least) is how extensible are the objects used for the Host and Host Group interfaces in terms of adding a settings tab and selected options. I envision puppet modules in ruby DSL that pull input data from foreman plugins for things like managing crontabs, package management, user management, iptables, etc.

#3 Updated by Ohad Levy over 10 years ago

Rails provides the ability to add plugins via rails engines, the main question here is where to add UI hooks, so you could easily extend the UI as well.

I think the good working model is redmine, and once someone have free cycle to work on this, she should look into that.

#4 Updated by Joseph Magen over 9 years ago

Plugins are introduced in Foreman 1.1. You can read more at

#5 Updated by Dominic Cleal over 9 years ago

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