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Unable to pull Facts via the API

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I am a RHSS customer working on a integration project and I am trying to pull the "facts" for a system that is being managed.

I am able to pull the facts for a host in /api/v2/hosts/id/facts but I am unable to get the same info(mostly IP address) for systems in /katello/api/v2/systems/id/.

The information can be seen in the RHSS6 gui, but from what I can tell it is pulled directly from the Postgres database.

Am I missing where to get this information? Is there anyway to expose a new api call for GET /katello/api/v2/systems/id/facts? I see that a PUT one exists.

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If you grab the content host object from the API /katello/api/v2/systems/:id?fields=full you should find the facts contained within the response object. We are working on unifying hosts and content hosts that should result in a single facts object with a dedicated facts API as the one you have seen for hosts. If both of these satisfy your need then I'll move this issue to 'Rejected'; otherwise let us know and we can see about adding a content host facts API to fill in the gap.

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Sorry for the delay. This has solved my problem for the time being. Thank you very much. I didn't see this in the RHSS6 API guide, not sure if yall have the power to update that or not.

Thank you very much!

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