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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
1684 Foreman Bug New Normal EC2: Test button sets the region back to the first. Ashley Penney 10/31/2013 01:58 PM
1683 Foreman Bug Closed Normal EC2: When a compute resource is removed the hosts become broken Ashley Penney Ohad Levy 06/14/2012 10:18 AM Compute resources Foreman - 1.0
1682 Foreman Bug New Normal EC2: SSH key pair generation Ashley Penney 09/26/2014 07:13 AM Compute resources - EC2
1681 Foreman Bug Resolved Normal DHCP fails for subnets larger than /24 Ashley Penney 05/18/2017 09:50 AM
1544 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Updating a host fails if you cannot reach the SOA nameservers Ashley Penney Ohad Levy 06/21/2012 04:10 AM DNS Foreman - 1.0
1503 Foreman Feature Closed Normal When creating a host, it should be possible to define a Puppet CA and a Puppet Master to use Ashley Penney Ohad Levy 03/14/2012 05:49 AM Puppet integration Foreman - 1.0
1502 Foreman Bug Duplicate Normal A subnet without TFTP set makes foreman unable to set a host in build. Ashley Penney 06/18/2013 11:18 AM
1439 Foreman Bug Duplicate Normal Foreman can only use Puppetmaster's via smartproxy that expose "Puppet CA" Ashley Penney Ashley Penney 03/13/2012 05:44 AM Foreman - 1.0
1374 Foreman Bug Closed Normal IP overwritten if you select a subnet Ashley Penney Paul Kelly 12/25/2011 03:48 AM Web Interface Foreman - 1.0
1371 Foreman Feature Duplicate Normal Re-query the abilities of the proxy Ashley Penney 12/06/2012 04:21 PM
1358 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Postgresql issue when selecting the hosts column under classes Ashley Penney 11/21/2012 08:38 AM Foreman - 1.1
1221 Smart Proxy Bug Resolved Normal Bug with in DHCP Ashley Penney 07/05/2012 04:45 AM
1164 Foreman Feature Resolved Normal Scripted Processes Ashley Penney 02/29/2016 07:17 AM
1119 Foreman Bug Closed Low Tweak to default RHEL partition table Ashley Penney 06/18/2013 09:34 AM Foreman - 1.2.0
1117 Smart Proxy Bug Closed Normal Permissions issue with RHEL package Ashley Penney 11/13/2012 11:41 AM
832 Foreman Feature Closed Normal parameterized class support Ashley Penney Ohad Levy 09/24/2012 10:49 AM Puppet integration Foreman - 1.1
416 Foreman Feature New Normal Report on inconsistant facts Ashley Penney 02/29/2016 04:16 AM Reporting
381 Foreman Bug Rejected Normal Failure to show reports.. Ashley Penney 09/19/2010 03:08 PM
322 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Ability to add custom fields and options Ashley Penney Ohad Levy 11/02/2011 07:36 PM External Nodes Foreman - 0.4
284 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Use MAC address if IP doesn't exist when tftp booting. Ashley Penney Ashley Penney 10/31/2010 03:58 PM Unattended installations Foreman - 0.1-6
282 Foreman Bug Closed Normal NoMethodError in Dashboard#OutOfSync Ashley Penney Ohad Levy 05/27/2010 06:30 PM Dashboard Foreman - 0.1-5

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