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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
35191 Katello Bug New Normal Email notification shows incorrect new errata after syncing an Epel repository Hao Yu 07/13/2022 06:10 PM Errata Management Katello - Katello 4.6.0
35142 Katello Bug Ready For Testing Normal 'foreman-maintain content migration-stats' command stucks and consume all memory Hao Yu Hao Yu 07/06/2022 05:57 PM Katello - 3.18-no-release-planned
35125 Foreman Bug New Normal Getting "NoPermission: Permission to perform this operation was denied." when edit host or compute profile Hao Yu 06/29/2022 03:32 AM Compute resources - VMware
35053 Katello Bug Closed Normal No longer receive errata email notification after syncing repository when there are new errata. Hao Yu Hao Yu 06/22/2022 01:01 AM Katello - Katello 4.6.0
34444 Katello Bug Rejected Normal Module streams enabled by default are gone when CV starts using filters Hao Yu Hao Yu 02/16/2022 07:17 PM Content Views Katello - Katello Recycle Bin
34437 Katello Bug Closed Normal Exclude filter may exclude errata and packages that are needed Hao Yu Ian Ballou 03/10/2022 11:00 PM Content Views Katello - Katello 4.5.0
34145 Katello Bug Closed Normal Incremental publish content view doesn't copy any contents Hao Yu Hao Yu 06/20/2022 11:27 AM Katello - Katello 4.2.2
33966 Katello Bug Duplicate Normal Capsule sync task failed to refresh repo that doesn't have feed url Hao Yu Hao Yu 02/14/2022 03:24 PM Repositories Katello - Katello Recycle Bin
33618 Katello Bug Closed Normal Satellite doesn't forward the "If-Modified-Since" header for /accessible_content endpoint to Candlepin Hao Yu Hao Yu 10/20/2021 07:39 PM Subscriptions Katello - Katello 4.3.0
32986 Foreman Remote Execution Bug Closed Normal Slow loading of host list in job invocation page when login as non-admin user Hao Yu Hao Yu 08/03/2021 01:17 PM
32796 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Even though a successfully playbook run, the job result is still marked as failed Hao Yu Hao Yu 07/20/2021 03:20 PM
32533 Katello Bug Closed Normal Duplicate YumMetadata index entries in content view repositories causing unneeded capsule sync Hao Yu Hao Yu 05/20/2021 09:01 PM Content Views Katello - Katello 4.1.0
32464 Katello Bug Closed Normal Inherited hostgroup values are not set when creating host Hao Yu Hao Yu 05/12/2022 07:28 PM Hosts Katello - Katello 3.18.3
32150 Katello Bug Closed Normal Hypervisor task failed with NoMethodError: undefined method `split` for nil:NilClass Hao Yu Lucy Fu 05/18/2021 03:46 PM Hosts Katello - Katello 4.1.0
31602 Foreman Bug New Normal Unable to view config reports for some hosts when an admin user has assigned any role with limit filter Hao Yu 01/21/2021 10:00 AM
30741 Katello Bug New Normal [RFE] Allow user to set the load balancer or a custom url as content source for host Hao Yu 09/02/2020 05:43 PM Provisioning Katello - Katello Backlog
30708 Katello Bug Closed Normal Syspurpose role is showing empty in the subscription page and rest api even it has a role Hao Yu Jonathon Turel 03/19/2021 06:01 PM Subscriptions Katello - Katello 4.1.0
30427 Katello Bug Closed Normal Host errata status not refresh after CV publish/promote Hao Yu Jeremy Lenz 09/16/2020 06:01 PM Errata Management Katello - Katello 3.17.0
30322 Katello Bug Closed Low ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique: PG::UniqueViolation: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint Hao Yu Samir Jha 09/02/2020 02:01 PM Content Views Katello - Katello 3.17.0
30235 Katello Bug Closed Normal The change of srpm count in the repository doesn't trigger the index content Hao Yu Hao Yu 07/09/2020 04:01 PM Repositories Katello - Katello 3.16.0
30192 foreman-tasks Bug New Normal Unable to recycle the dynflow executor Hao Yu Adam Ruzicka 06/23/2020 07:04 AM Dynflow
30161 foreman-tasks Bug Closed Normal Attach/Remove subscriptions task failed when a "after_commit" foreman hook is triggered. Hao Yu Adam Ruzicka 03/02/2021 12:35 PM Foreman plugin foreman-tasks - foreman-tasks-4.0.0
30081 foreman-tasks Bug Closed Normal TypeError - Value (ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone) 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss +0000' is not any of: (Time | NilClass)" error when triggering ansible job Hao Yu Hao Yu 02/04/2021 02:24 PM Foreman plugin
30053 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Audit page render very slow when organization is set Hao Yu Hao Yu 03/31/2021 12:01 PM Audit Log
29672 Katello Bug Duplicate Normal Unable to update all packages for RHEL 8 clients via katello-agent Hao Yu 07/15/2020 06:11 PM Tooling Katello - Katello Recycle Bin
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