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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
27797 Foreman Feature New Normal Allow searching within smart class parameter overrides Alejandro Falcon 09/06/2019 03:17 PM
27458 Xen Bug New Normal Host association broken in v1.0.0 Alejandro Falcon 07/30/2019 04:58 PM
27456 Xen Bug New Normal Issue when creating VM Alejandro Falcon 07/28/2019 05:21 PM
20494 Foreman Feature New Normal Create host section improvements. Alejandro Falcon 08/04/2017 07:54 AM Host creation
16619 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Set EC2 instance private IP address from Foreman interface IP Alejandro Falcon Alejandro Falcon 07/10/2018 09:52 AM Compute resources - EC2 Foreman - 1.14.0
15984 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Backslashes added to overrriden params when changing environments within host edit Alejandro Falcon Ori Rabin 07/10/2018 09:57 AM Parameters Foreman - 1.18.0
15956 Xen Bug Duplicate Normal UI issue when Foreman cannot find Xen VM Alejandro Falcon 09/02/2016 03:27 PM
15861 Foreman Bug Closed Normal audited_changes column is too small Alejandro Falcon Amir Fefer 07/10/2018 09:57 AM Audit Log Foreman - 1.16.0
12495 Foreman Feature New Normal Add global search to menu bar Alejandro Falcon 11/16/2015 10:40 AM Search
12342 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Puppet classes disapear when changing environment after cloning hostgroup Alejandro Falcon Tom Caspy 07/10/2018 09:50 AM Host groups Foreman - 1.10.0
12203 Xen Bug Closed High Error when editing hosts Alejandro Falcon 10/18/2015 08:01 AM
10941 Smart Proxy Bug Closed Normal puppet classes cache not working right Alejandro Falcon Dmitri Dolguikh 07/12/2018 09:54 AM Puppet Smart Proxy - 1.9.0
10731 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Allow matches to merge with default values. Alejandro Falcon Ori Rabin 07/10/2018 09:50 AM Parameters Foreman - 1.10.0
8894 Xen Bug Closed Normal Host detail page messed when foreman_xenserver is installed Alejandro Falcon 11/09/2015 11:01 AM
6069 Foreman Feature Resolved Normal Allow override parameters with variables Alejandro Falcon 05/17/2017 08:47 AM
6061 Foreman Feature Duplicate Normal Allow override to empty values Alejandro Falcon 05/26/2015 12:13 PM Parameters
5934 Docker Bug Closed Normal Cant create docker based hosts Alejandro Falcon Dmitri Dolguikh 07/12/2018 09:54 AM Docker - 1.7.2
4381 Foreman Bug Closed High Foreman-proxy doesn't update dns after hostname change Alejandro Falcon Dmitri Dolguikh 07/10/2018 09:45 AM DNS Foreman - 1.5.0
4142 Foreman Feature New Low Add page navigator to the top too. Alejandro Falcon 01/21/2014 08:52 AM Web Interface
3665 Foreman Bug Duplicate Normal Cloning Ovirt based hosts causes the VM disk to be in Illegal state Alejandro Falcon 11/28/2019 03:22 PM Compute resources - oVirt
3133 Foreman Bug Closed Urgent Can't assign Security group to EC2 instance when creating host Alejandro Falcon Dominic Cleal 10/03/2013 07:31 PM Compute resources Foreman - 1.3.0
3128 Foreman Bug Closed Urgent EC2 images listing when creating a new host broken in 1.3 RC1 Alejandro Falcon Greg Sutcliffe 09/27/2013 09:31 AM Compute resources Foreman - 1.3.0
2718 Foreman Bug Rejected High Subnet doesn't appear when domain and subnet is assigned to a specific location Alejandro Falcon Dmitri Dolguikh 08/15/2013 03:44 PM Organizations and Locations
2485 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Editing class imported from Example42 raise error on submit (develop branch) Alejandro Falcon Joseph Magen 05/22/2013 08:56 AM Foreman - 1.2.0
2187 Foreman Bug New Normal Script templates not working at all Alejandro Falcon 02/28/2014 11:38 AM
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