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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
35131 Foreman Feature New Normal Users who were disabled should be clearly marked in the user list Marek Hulán 06/29/2022 01:49 PM Users, Roles and Permissions
35050 Ansible Bug New Normal Tags and tags_flags inputs for the ansible REX form looks ugly Marek Hulán 06/10/2022 06:45 PM
35049 Ansible Bug New Normal Ansible run failing with syntax error, e.g. the module is not found (missing collection) it still returns 0 exit code Marek Hulán 06/10/2022 06:44 PM
35048 Ansible Bug New Normal Specifying tags for running ansible roles does not work Marek Hulán 06/10/2022 06:42 PM
35043 Foreman Feature New Normal Register host into a host group Marek Hulán 06/09/2022 06:10 PM Host registration
34979 Leapp Bug New Normal Leapp preupgrade and upgrade jobs are not shown on the new host page Marek Hulán 05/27/2022 07:31 AM
34971 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Broken inline help for validator type for puppet/ansible variables Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 06/20/2022 02:01 PM
34959 Foreman Bug New Normal New host page Detail tab shows hand cursor when hovering the card headers Marek Hulán 05/25/2022 02:45 PM Web Interface
34958 Katello Bug New Normal The installable errata card on host detail page can have text overflown Marek Hulán 05/25/2022 05:44 PM Web UI Katello - Katello Next
34948 Foreman Refactor Closed Low Drop the notification for hosts without an owner Marek Hulán 06/09/2022 01:01 PM Notifications
34810 Foreman Feature New Normal Display the report description in the report generating form Marek Hulán 04/25/2022 12:41 PM Reporting
34809 Foreman Bug Closed High Host - Last Checkin report template is not showing any other content host apart from Foreman itself. Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 05/13/2022 11:14 AM Statistics
34778 Boot disk Bug Closed Normal Bootdisk Provisioning Templates are missing description Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 04/25/2022 01:01 PM
34777 Discovery Bug Closed Normal Discovery kexec Provisioning Template is missing description Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 04/25/2022 01:01 PM Discovery - Discovery Plugin 16.0
34776 Foreman Bug Closed Normal "Kickstart default user data" Provisioning Template contains doubled description key Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 04/19/2022 09:01 AM TFTP
34666 Foreman Bug New Normal Mail shouldn't be required on user update if the update is triggered for the LDAP user Marek Hulán 03/23/2022 11:00 AM
34554 OpenSCAP Bug Closed High Uploading external DISA SCAP content to satellite 6.10 fails with exception "Invalid SCAP file type" Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 04/01/2022 03:01 PM
34516 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Include the host comments to a host list page Marek Hulán 05/13/2022 10:57 AM
34515 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Host list page should show the owner of the host Marek Hulán 04/28/2022 01:01 PM
34396 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Job report template enhancements Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 05/19/2022 08:01 AM
34385 OpenSCAP Bug Closed Normal Detect ForemanAnsible presence more reliably Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 02/03/2022 12:40 PM
34346 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Support Openstack Keystone sub-uri Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 03/01/2022 03:01 PM Compute resources - OpenStack
34319 Ansible Feature New Normal The inventory should expand by default Marek Hulán 02/16/2022 09:44 AM
34173 Webhooks Bug Closed Normal The webhooks table styling is a bit broken Marek Hulán Oleh Fedorenko 03/03/2022 03:01 PM
34172 Webhooks Bug New Normal The placeholder value of "Optional HTTP headers as JSON" contains \n and the label is too long Marek Hulán 12/16/2021 08:18 PM
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