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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
29420 Foreman Bug New Normal POST /api/hosts/:id should not accept capabilities Evgeni Golov 03/26/2020 01:47 PM API
29409 OpenSCAP Bug New Normal scap_file content get whitespace stripped Evgeni Golov 03/25/2020 02:26 PM
29403 OpenSCAP Bug New Normal deleting a scap content returns the full XML in the http body Evgeni Golov 03/24/2020 02:02 PM
29387 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing Normal facts for OS are being imported even with ignore_facts_for_operatingsystem=true Evgeni Golov Evgeni Golov 04/01/2020 08:03 AM Facts
29385 Foreman Bug New Normal errors when submitting bad facts are not helpful Evgeni Golov 03/20/2020 11:25 AM Facts
29069 Installer Feature Closed Normal label pulpcore ports with the right selinux label Evgeni Golov William Clark 03/25/2020 02:58 PM Foreman modules Foreman - 2.0.0
28785 Installer Bug Closed Normal duplicate "Success!" message on Installer completion Evgeni Golov Eric Helms 01/17/2020 03:01 PM foreman-installer script Foreman - 2.0.0
28717 Installer Bug Closed Normal confusing output when the installer has finished Evgeni Golov Eric Helms 01/13/2020 05:01 PM foreman-installer script
28644 Katello Bug Closed Normal inconsistent repository enabled state for RHEL8 repository sets in the API Evgeni Golov Partha Aji 02/28/2020 04:56 PM Repositories Katello - Katello 3.15.0
28555 Katello Bug New Normal enabling a repository set without providing a basearch yields unexpected results Evgeni Golov 02/05/2020 07:10 PM API Katello - Katello Backlog
28554 Foreman Bug New Normal Compute Resources API is missing a test_connection endpoint Evgeni Golov 12/20/2019 10:06 AM Compute resources
28406 Foreman Bug Resolved Normal SystemStackError: stack level too deep when running tests with mocha 1.10 Evgeni Golov 01/05/2020 08:48 AM Tests
28370 Installer Bug Rejected Urgent "Invalid tuning profile" when no --tuning is passed to the installer Evgeni Golov Evgeni Golov 11/27/2019 08:45 AM foreman-installer script Foreman - 1.24.0
28333 Foreman Remote Execution Bug Closed Normal GET /api/job_templates/:id returns `audit_comment: null` Evgeni Golov Evgeni Golov 11/24/2019 09:01 AM Foreman
28332 Foreman Bug Closed Normal GET /api/provisioning_templates/:id returns `audit_comment: null` Evgeni Golov Evgeni Golov 11/24/2019 09:01 AM API
28272 Foreman Bug Resolved Normal can't create a filter for a role with view_organizations or view_locations permissions via API/hammer Evgeni Golov 03/08/2020 08:32 AM API
28235 Foreman Bug Closed Normal properly validate possible password hash algorithms in OS controller Evgeni Golov Evgeni Golov 11/11/2019 01:01 PM API
28234 Foreman Bug New Normal /api/hosts/:id/status/:type description and validator disagree on valid values for type Evgeni Golov 11/11/2019 10:52 AM API
28233 Katello Bug Closed Normal repositories API documentation strings and validators are out of sync Evgeni Golov Evgeni Golov 11/13/2019 06:36 PM API doc Katello - Katello 3.14.0
28232 Foreman Bug Closed Normal subnet API does not list all available IPAM modes Evgeni Golov Evgeni Golov 11/11/2019 11:01 AM API
28181 Katello Bug Duplicate Normal undefined local variable or method `unit_ids' when uploading DEB content to a repo Evgeni Golov 11/06/2019 06:33 PM Content Uploads Katello - Katello Recycle Bin
28166 Foreman Bug New Normal apidoc says settings can be organization/location scoped, while they can't Evgeni Golov 11/04/2019 07:18 AM API
28152 foreman-tasks Bug Closed High PG::ForeignKeyViolation when trying to add a relation to deleted users Evgeni Golov Adam Ruzicka 11/08/2019 03:35 PM
28138 Katello Bug Closed Normal Content View publish does not return a meaningful result in the task output Evgeni Golov Jonathon Turel 11/04/2019 08:46 PM API Katello - Katello 3.13.2
27978 Foreman Maintain Bug New Normal uptodate documentation missing Evgeni Golov 10/01/2019 02:13 PM Documentation
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