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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
26617 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Properly expose puppetclass_name Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/16/2019 11:01 AM API
26616 Foreman Bug Closed Normal React Dates: Cast to ISO compatible format Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/18/2019 08:51 AM Web Interface Foreman - 1.21.3
26600 Katello Feature Closed Normal Don't duplicate host record when hypervisor_id changes in virt-who report Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/17/2019 06:50 PM Katello - Katello 3.12.0
26583 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing Normal Use ActiveSupport::JSON as RABL json_engine Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/17/2019 03:06 PM
26571 Installer Bug Closed High CVE-2019-3845 - Add ACLs around Qpid QMF Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/30/2019 05:34 PM Foreman modules Foreman - 1.22.0
26570 Katello Bug Closed Normal Rubocop 0.66 updates Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/10/2019 05:34 PM Katello - Katello 3.12.0
26516 Katello Bug Closed Normal Update syspurpose status handling to match Candlepin Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/03/2019 06:01 PM Hosts Katello - Katello 3.12.0
26228 Katello Bug Closed Normal when candlepin is in "SUSPEND" mode, `hammer ping` still reports "ok" on candlepin Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 03/11/2019 04:02 PM Hammer Katello - Katello 3.11.1
26191 Katello Bug Closed Normal Registering a system fails randomly (409 Conflict) Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/12/2019 01:43 PM Hosts Katello - Katello 3.12.0
26117 Katello Bug Closed Normal system purpose dropdowns are not disabled when no values present Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 03/04/2019 03:02 PM Katello - Katello 3.12.0
26018 Runcible Bug Closed High Extra logging in Production logs Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 03/07/2019 02:17 PM
25969 Foreman Bug Closed Normal javascript error when opening Manage Manifest modal Jonathon Turel John Mitsch 04/21/2019 09:33 PM Web Interface
25955 Katello Bug Closed Normal Expose route for system purpose compliance Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 02/06/2019 06:32 PM API Katello - Katello 3.12.0
25953 Katello Bug Closed Normal Show better error message when applying changes to hosts in empty collection Jonathon Turel Samir Jha 08/29/2019 09:01 PM Katello - Katello Backlog
25937 Katello Bug Closed High Subscription allocation on customer portal changes back to 6.3 from 6.4 after a manifest refresh from upgraded server Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 02/06/2019 07:01 PM Subscriptions Katello - Katello 3.12.0
25875 Katello Bug Closed Normal Repo filtering is inconsistent Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 01/23/2019 06:33 PM Repositories Katello - Katello 3.12.0
25832 Katello Bug Closed Normal custom system purpose values not shown in content host details dropdowns Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 01/16/2019 10:01 PM Hosts Katello - Katello 3.12.0
25773 Katello Bug Closed Normal JS tests broken by patternfly-react change Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/05/2019 05:37 PM Katello - Katello 3.11.0
25771 Katello Bug Closed Normal fix lint due to eslint-plugin-react update Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/05/2019 04:59 PM Katello - Katello 3.11.0
25725 Katello Bug Closed Normal disable host-tools plugins where subman supports combined profile Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 01/08/2019 07:28 PM Client/Agent Katello - Katello 3.10.1
25699 Katello Bug Closed Normal view_subscription filter does not allow subscriptions to be viewed Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 04/06/2019 05:56 PM Subscriptions Katello - Katello 3.10.1
25638 Katello Bug Closed Normal Update system purpose Candlepin API usage Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 12/12/2018 06:40 PM Katello - Katello 3.10.0
25587 Katello Bug Closed Normal Restore DNF tracer plugin in host tools Jonathon Turel Jonathon Turel 12/10/2018 04:01 PM Katello - Katello 3.10.1
25557 Katello Bug New Normal Update screenshots in documentation Jonathon Turel Christine Fouant 11/28/2018 07:12 PM Documentation Katello - Katello Backlog
25435 Katello Bug New Low Content view dropdown goes blank on Host/Hostgroups page Jonathon Turel 11/14/2018 07:02 PM Hosts Katello - Katello Backlog
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