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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
833 Foreman Feature New Normal Foreman should include Puppets "version" string for each report. Bash Shell 04/12/2011 02:53 PM Actions
824 Foreman Feature New Low Unattended installation monitoring Mohit Chawla 03/15/2016 03:37 AM Unattended installations Actions
782 Smart Proxy Feature New Normal DNS API should include the zone Ohad Levy 05/08/2011 08:01 AM API Actions
735 Foreman Feature New Normal limit the guest memory based on available memory on its hypervisor Ohad Levy 03/14/2011 11:03 AM VM management Actions
729 Foreman Feature New Normal The timeout between each smart-proxy, its target and foreman should be configurable Paul Kelly 03/15/2016 03:33 AM Smart Proxy Actions
694 Foreman Feature New Normal If the puppetca or autosign operations fail then alert the host's user Paul Kelly 03/15/2016 03:32 AM Orchestration Actions
658 Foreman Feature New Normal Dependency information Dis Connect 02/08/2011 10:48 AM Actions
657 Foreman Feature New Normal Physical location management/visualization Dis Connect 02/09/2013 10:21 AM Actions
593 Foreman Feature Needs design Normal split log for facts, reports and everything else Paul Kelly Paul Kelly 05/17/2017 06:28 AM Rails Actions
551 Smart Proxy Feature New Normal Add DNS Aliases support Ohad Levy 09/05/2011 04:18 PM DNS Actions
499 Foreman Feature New Normal freeze certian host values after creation Ohad Levy 02/29/2016 05:22 AM Actions
429 Foreman Feature New Normal yaboot support Bill Peck 12/06/2012 11:00 AM Smart Proxy Actions
416 Foreman Feature New Normal Report on inconsistant facts Ashley Penney 02/29/2016 04:16 AM Reporting Actions
387 Foreman Feature New Low Add select options ("all" and "none") on the Web GUI for bulk operations Marcello de Sousa 08/20/2014 03:13 AM Web Interface Actions
380 Foreman Feature New Low HIstorical data for the Dashboard view Tony Garcia 08/20/2014 03:13 AM Dashboard Actions
309 Foreman Feature New Normal import existings puppet reports Ohad Levy 10/05/2010 09:12 AM Importers Actions
161 Foreman Feature New Normal No way to indicate multiple puppet intervals Dis Connect 12/06/2012 10:37 AM Puppet integration Actions
110 Foreman Feature New Normal support hostname naming standards Paul Kelly 05/05/2017 09:26 AM Host creation Actions
32 Foreman Feature New Normal Provide a way to organize the Inventory display in the Hosts page Oded Ben Ozer 02/24/2022 01:56 PM Web Interface Actions
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