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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
36849 Foreman Feature Ready For Testing Normal Setup temporal GA to test on Ruby 3.0 Oleh Fedorenko Oleh Fedorenko 11/24/2023 12:45 PM Actions
36847 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing Normal Wrong initrd extension for preseed_default_ipxe Artur Obolewicz 10/20/2023 09:45 AM Actions
36845 Katello Bug Pending Normal "Lifecycle environment must be specified" error when editing a host George Langdin 11/15/2023 06:35 PM Hosts Katello - Katello 4.9.3 Actions
36836 Foreman Remote Execution Bug New Normal Checking authorized_for(hash_for_new_job_invocation_path) doesn't work since the rex wizard was made default Adam Ruzicka 10/16/2023 03:04 PM Foreman Actions
36834 Foreman Feature Ready For Testing Normal New PXE loader "Grub2 UEFI SecureBoot (target OS)" Markus Reisner 10/16/2023 07:21 AM Actions
36833 Smart Proxy Feature Ready For Testing Normal New PXE loader "Grub2 UEFI SecureBoot (target OS)" Markus Reisner 10/16/2023 07:21 AM Actions
36832 Foreman Bug New Normal iso boot full host image function causes "undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass" under certain circonstances Michel Deluis 10/17/2023 10:31 AM Actions
36831 Foreman Bug New Normal Autocomplete menu truncates suggestions Jeremy Lenz 10/13/2023 08:00 PM Search Actions
36830 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing Normal Debian boot_file_sources uses transform_vars but preseed_path does not Laura Hild Laura Hild 10/17/2023 05:52 PM Unattended installations Actions
36829 Foreman Bug New Normal Bad translation in french in webui Cyril Lopez 10/13/2023 10:35 AM Internationalization Actions
36825 OpenSCAP Refactor New Normal [proxy] Move reboot entry parsing into openscap_parser lib Oleh Fedorenko 10/12/2023 11:31 AM Actions
36818 Website Feature Ready For Testing Normal Monitoring Guide Evgeni Golov Evgeni Golov 10/10/2023 06:28 AM Actions
36810 Foreman Bug New Normal API link to remove certificates of puppetca user hosts is not exists Andrey Muratov 10/19/2023 06:32 AM API Actions
36809 Installer Bug Ready For Testing Normal --certs-regenerate clobbers any other parameters provided to the installer Eric Helms Eric Helms 10/11/2023 08:07 PM Actions
36806 Katello Feature New Normal Smart proxy content count - Add links to repos and sort them on the UI Samir Jha 10/06/2023 03:28 PM Foreman Proxy Content Katello - Katello 4.11.0 Actions
36804 OpenSCAP Task New Normal Ensure green tests on jenkins Oleh Fedorenko 10/05/2023 12:49 PM Actions
36803 Katello Feature Ready For Testing Normal SmartProxy Content Sync should offer Verify Content Checksum Markus Bucher 12/04/2023 07:30 PM Foreman Proxy Content Katello - Katello 4.12.0 Actions
36800 Katello Bug Assigned Normal Upgrade Candlepin to 4.3.9 and update vcr cassettes Chris Roberts Chris Roberts 10/11/2023 05:45 PM Tooling Katello - Katello 4.11.0 Actions
36798 Foreman Bug New Normal Couldn't find all Hostgroups with 'id': (3, 4) [WHERE ( IN (10))] (found 0 results, but was looking for 2). progserega please_edit_me 10/06/2023 01:16 AM Actions
36792 Foreman Bug New Low "Label" field marked as mandatory in WebUI when creating an organization Maximilian Kolb 09/29/2023 12:01 PM Actions
36785 Foreman Remote Execution Bug Ready For Testing Normal Show permission error for Run job page Karolína Małyjurková Karolína Małyjurková 10/25/2023 10:00 AM Foreman Actions
36778 Hammer CLI Bug New Normal Success message seems to have stopped working Chris Roberts 09/25/2023 08:19 PM Hammer core Actions
36770 Ansible Feature New Normal Import/Export ansible variable overwrites Gardar Arnarsson 09/22/2023 03:30 PM Ansible - foreman_ansible-12.0.6 Actions
36765 Katello Feature Ready For Testing Normal Add ability to export and import APT (deb) content Quirin Pamp 09/20/2023 05:40 PM Inter Server Sync Katello - Katello 4.12.0 Actions
36761 Hammer CLI Support New Normal Does hammer cli support rebuild of vms using same hostname & IP but with different OS version Dushyant khobragade 10/02/2023 08:33 PM Hammer core Actions
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