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30788 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Enable web console on host error in "Oops, we're sorry but something went wrong ERF42-5962 [Foreman::Exception]: No template mapped to feature Enable web console" Adam Ruzicka Adam Ruzicka 09/09/2020 06:46 AM
30318 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Fix capitalization on welcome page Ondřej Pražák Ondřej Ezr 09/14/2020 02:01 PM
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30759 Boot disk Bug Closed Normal ISOGenerator does not use HTTP-proxy for download Markus Bucher 09/09/2020 10:01 AM
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30726 Discovery Bug Closed Normal Discovery settings 'Hostname_facts' should not be allowed to set empty Rahul Bajaj Rahul Bajaj 09/09/2020 04:26 PM Discovery - Discovery Plugin 16.0
30680 Discovery Feature Closed Normal Change kexec options used on FDI to work on systems using UEFI + SecureBoot Joniel Pasqualetto 09/07/2020 07:01 AM Image
30662 Discovery Bug Closed Normal Discovery image nm is set to ignore IPv6 Lukas Zapletal Lukas Zapletal 09/07/2020 07:01 AM Image Discovery - Discovery Plugin 16.0
30478 Discovery Bug Resolved High Kexec does not handle NEW/OLD discovered IP Nix Fu Lukas Zapletal 09/16/2020 02:01 PM
29221 Discovery Bug Closed Normal Subnet is blank after provisioning a discovered host Lukas Zapletal Lukas Zapletal 09/10/2020 12:01 PM Discovery plugin Discovery - Discovery Plugin 16.0
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30847 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Filters needs to rebuild the taxonomy_search Ondřej Ezr Ondřej Ezr 09/16/2020 12:40 PM Users, Roles and Permissions
30844 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Error when httpboot featue is present without exposed port Lukas Zapletal Lukas Zapletal 09/18/2020 01:01 PM Host creation
30843 Foreman Bug Closed Normal seeding fails with 'This template is locked. Please clone it to a new template to customize.' Justin Sherrill Justin Sherrill 09/15/2020 06:01 PM Templates
30836 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Nil pointer exception on unused_ip discovery call Lukas Zapletal Lukas Zapletal 09/15/2020 07:42 AM Orchestration
30830 Foreman Bug Closed Normal API - ovirt DC is not saved properly when creating a CR Shira Maximov Shira Maximov 09/16/2020 03:01 PM Compute resources - oVirt Foreman - 2.2.0
30822 Foreman Bug Closed Normal MAC address field is active when creating host with set by hostgroup compute resource Dominik Matoulek Dominik Matoulek 09/15/2020 12:41 PM Host creation
30821 Foreman Bug Closed Normal ActiveModel::UnknownAttributeError: unknown attribute 'name' for Permission Tristan Robert Ondřej Ezr 09/17/2020 10:01 AM Plugin integration Foreman - 2.2.0
30813 Foreman Bug Closed Normal foreman-debug should use an dedicated hostname, not for uploads Evgeni Golov Evgeni Golov 09/10/2020 01:01 PM foreman-debug
30792 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Set root password for preseed image-based deployment Fabrice Brimioulle 09/10/2020 10:01 AM Templates
30790 Foreman Bug Closed Normal DSL documentation help page - some examples are not in <pre> Mirek Długosz Mirek Długosz 09/10/2020 05:13 AM
30786 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Fix yup snapshots Maria Agaphontzev Maria Agaphontzev 09/10/2020 05:12 AM JavaScript stack
30778 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Report template host_cores macros not working Ranjan Kumar Ranjan Kumar 09/10/2020 05:12 AM Reporting
30768 Foreman Bug Closed Normal API selector shouldn't return status "PENDING" when undefined Ron Lavi Ron Lavi 09/10/2020 05:13 AM JavaScript stack
30763 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Define architecture on abstract provider Lukas Zapletal Lukas Zapletal 09/10/2020 05:12 AM Orchestration
30744 Foreman Bug Closed Normal creation of host fails with "is not valid, enter id or name" Shira Maximov Shira Maximov 09/10/2020 05:12 AM Compute resources - oVirt
30739 Foreman Bug Closed Normal CVE-2020-14380: Users can gain elevated rights when logging in with SSO accounts Tomer Brisker Rahul Bajaj 09/10/2020 05:12 AM Security Foreman - 2.1.3
30734 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Error when installing freeipa-client on debian systems Joshua Doll 09/10/2020 12:01 PM
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