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26335 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Open documentation from welcome page on new tab Ondřej Ezr 03/15/2019 12:01 PM
26272 Ansible Bug Closed Normal Insights playbook don't respect the CDN proxy Marek Hulán 03/07/2019 03:38 PM Ansible - foreman-ansible 2.3.2
26263 Ansible Feature Closed Normal Extract default values for defaults Ondřej Pražák Ondřej Pražák 03/07/2019 01:01 PM
26213 Ansible Bug Closed High Proxy error: RuntimeError - Settings for ForemanAnsibleCore not initalized in devel setup (and potentaily debian as well) Ivan Necas Ivan Necas 03/05/2019 11:29 AM
26118 Ansible Bug Resolved Normal Run Ansible Roles -- Foreman 1.21.0-RC4 Taner Tasar 03/13/2019 12:38 PM
25803 Ansible Bug Resolved Normal Duplicate hosts from facts when running Ansible on secondary interface Ondřej Pražák 03/07/2019 09:16 AM
25462 Ansible Bug Closed Normal When running Ansible roles on host, debug message is not printed Ondřej Pražák Ondřej Pražák 03/05/2019 04:03 PM
25309 Ansible Feature Closed Normal Ansible roles switcher in React Ondřej Pražák Ondřej Pražák 03/12/2019 03:01 PM Ansible - foreman-ansible 2.3.3
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26252 Bastion Bug Closed Normal Expose content view solve dependencies param John Mitsch John Mitsch 03/06/2019 06:34 PM Bastion - Backlog
26248 Bastion Bug Closed Normal Add option to add working text to save/cancel Samir Jha Samir Jha 03/12/2019 09:01 PM Bastion - Backlog
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25992 Boot disk Bug Closed Normal Full host disk does not generate from Katello source Lukas Zapletal Lukas Zapletal 03/08/2019 05:01 PM
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25077 Chef Bug Closed Normal RedHat OS name is imported as RedHatEnterpriseServer Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 03/25/2019 01:02 PM foreman_chef
25073 Chef Feature Closed Normal Report origin detection Marek Hulán Marek Hulán 03/25/2019 01:01 PM foreman_chef Chef - foreman_chef 0.9.0
25072 Chef Bug Closed Normal Cant modify hosts with foreman_chef plugin installed. Björn Zettergren Marek Hulán 03/25/2019 01:02 PM
25071 Chef Bug Closed Normal Mysql2::Error: Data too long for column 'action' Björn Zettergren Marek Hulán 03/25/2019 01:01 PM foreman_chef Chef - foreman_chef 0.9.0
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26204 Discovery Feature Closed Normal Allow provisioning hosts into FIPS mode Ivan Necas Ivan Necas 03/05/2019 09:02 AM Discovery - Discovery Plugin NEXT
  Foreman 72 Collapse all/Expand all
26441 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Default value for date column not set to React component Ondřej Ezr Ondřej Ezr 03/26/2019 09:01 AM JavaScript stack
26435 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Upgrade storybook after it was broken Ron Lavi Ron Lavi 03/24/2019 03:01 PM
26430 Foreman Support Closed Normal Safemode doesn't allow to access 'host_subnet' on #<Safemode::ScopeObject> Stefan Eriksson 03/22/2019 10:04 AM Unattended installations
26408 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Tweek the PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE to suggest how to make the PR more likely to merge Ondřej Ezr 03/24/2019 11:01 AM
26405 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Puppetclass index implicitly searches locations and organizations Tomer Brisker Tomer Brisker 03/21/2019 10:05 AM Search Foreman - 1.21.1
26404 Foreman Refactor Closed Low Update will_paginate to be Rails compatible Michael Moll Michael Moll 03/19/2019 03:02 PM Packaging Foreman - 1.22.0
26394 Foreman Bug Closed High when changing location user looses all navigation menus Joseph Boyer Gilad Lekner 03/24/2019 01:01 PM Web Interface Foreman - 1.21.1
26383 Foreman Bug Closed High Their is a duel import between forman_tools.js and I18n.js Avi Sharvit Avi Sharvit 03/19/2019 04:02 PM JavaScript stack
26382 Foreman Feature Closed Normal graphql: add Organization queries Kamil Szubrycht 03/18/2019 02:02 PM API
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