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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
34959 Foreman Bug New Normal New host page Detail tab shows hand cursor when hovering the card headers Marek Hulán 05/25/2022 02:45 PM Web Interface
34787 Foreman Refactor New Normal Rename 'Show experimental labs' setting Jeremy Lenz 04/21/2022 04:13 PM Web Interface
34735 Foreman Feature New Normal Set defaults for Katello Tools (Red Hat Tools) install in redhat_register.erb Sebastian Trupiano Sebastian Trupiano 04/05/2022 10:10 PM Templates
34650 Foreman Bug New Normal redfish_verify_ssl option has no effect Peter Upton 03/19/2022 06:27 PM BMC
34583 Foreman Bug New Low Installation failed with ERROR: invalid locale name: "en_US.utf8" Michael Krieger 03/09/2022 06:44 PM
32925 Foreman Bug New Normal root_pass setting does not enforce minimum length of 8 characters as the host and hostgroups forms do Tomer Brisker 08/05/2021 09:01 AM Settings
32832 Foreman Bug New Normal Host auto provisioning allows an existing host to be inserted again Jean Lubatti 06/23/2021 09:01 AM Host registration
32359 Foreman Bug New Normal Hammer Report-Template Complains about 'Input Days from Now' Being Blank Oleh Fedorenko 04/20/2021 02:21 PM Reporting
32342 Foreman Refactor New Normal Move ActiveRecord monkey patches to ApplicationRecord Tomer Brisker 04/19/2021 10:32 AM Rails
31593 Foreman Refactor New Low remove reference to legacy puppet brand identifier puppetlabs in provision templates Matt Darcy Matt Darcy 05/04/2021 01:23 AM Templates
31560 Foreman Refactor New Normal Replace UUID v1 with v4 in JS code Tomer Brisker 01/01/2021 03:08 PM JavaScript stack
31296 Foreman Bug New Normal Document host import from compute resource via API Anton Nesterov 11/11/2020 09:22 AM API
31239 Foreman Bug New Low Can set root password with less than 8 characters on host rebuild Richard Stempfl 11/03/2020 11:06 AM Host creation
31205 Foreman Feature New Normal allow specifying host_parameter_attributes on the CreateHostMutation in the graphql api Simon Peeters 03/16/2021 05:15 PM API
31103 Foreman Feature New Normal [RFE] Allow installing katello-(agent,host-tools,host-tools-tracer) based on the declarations via host\hostgroup parameters during system build Sayan Das 07/10/2021 01:23 AM Templates
30985 Foreman Bug New Normal Host's title should be align all over the row container in the new host details page Amir Fefer 10/05/2020 12:46 PM Web Interface
30983 Foreman Feature New Normal Add elipsis and tooltip to cards items in the new host details page Amir Fefer 10/05/2020 12:45 PM Web Interface
30982 Foreman Bug New Normal Align the kebab actions item in the host details page more to the right area Amir Fefer 10/05/2020 12:46 PM Web Interface
30980 Foreman Feature New Normal Add skelaton loading for tabs in host details page Amir Fefer 10/05/2020 12:43 PM JavaScript stack
30066 Foreman Bug New Normal foreman-maintain health check using wrong puppet command to check ssl directory is not empty masadrasheed please_edit_me 06/08/2020 11:15 PM PuppetCA
29982 Foreman Bug New Normal In Hammer, while generating "Applied Errata" report, can't set Status=all Shira Maximov 03/22/2021 12:20 PM Reporting
29626 Foreman Bug New Normal Puppet picture under Monitor - Config Management should be transparent background Amir Fefer 04/26/2020 12:41 PM Puppet Reports
29478 Foreman Feature New Normal Capture sudoers file in foreman-debug archive Anurag Patel 04/06/2020 11:44 AM foreman-debug
28936 Foreman Feature New Normal Add default descriptions to all roles added from plugins Leos Stejskal Leos Stejskal 02/12/2020 06:44 AM
28000 Foreman Refactor New Normal Reuse date time picker from patternfly-react Marek Hulán 10/04/2019 09:43 AM Web Interface
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