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32021 Foreman authentication not working with FreeIPA Users, Roles and Permissions
32019 all requests are logged as coming from in production.log
32017 Katello webui: {{ displayValue }} issue without admin privileges
32015 Add duration column to exported csv file Foreman plugin
32014 Seed Shellhooks proxy feature
32013 Host Add-Parameter button should not float down page as new params are added. Web Interface
32012 Exceptions in hooks "hang" and crash after a long time
32008 Unsetting repository architecture restriction doesn't reach clients Repositories
32007 remove old pulp2-based upgrade tasks (warnings on 4.0 install) Repositories
31995 Possible Memory Leak / Out of Memory Issue
31994 Smart proxy (Pulp2) fails to validate file size for tgz from the manifest generated by Foreman (Pulp3) Smart Proxy
31991 API for importing roles and variables together
31981 Operating system information is not being updated
31977 Turn on eager_load for test
31976 'Cancel' button on roles import page crashes the whole page
31966 `foreman-rake permissions:reset` should show a warning that it's required to manually update the password in 'foreman.yml'
31962 Make Preseed iPXE compatible with bootdisk and non-interactive installation of Ubuntu
31960 Bookmark query overflows its table cell
31959 "Unable to upload file" when performing ssh command
31950 Need to configure pulp_ansible/galaxy endpoint in apache for satellite deployments:
31936 Allow searching by id on all resources which have an id Search

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