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29461 can not sync from Docker Hub: Authentication credentials were not provided.
29460 RH repos not shown in Content -> Red Hat Repositories -> Recommended Repositories
29459 Ability to skip invididual checks
29458 Syncing of repos got stuck in foreman (katello nightly version )
29453 Migration rollback fails DB migrations
29450 Smart Proxy forces association to all Locations unless Puppet is enabled on the proxy Plugins
29446 Allow searching for tasks by taxonomies using IN
29445 STI deletion needs to be allowed to admins only Authorization
29440 Settings -> "proxy except hosts"-array editing changes format after reloading
29438 Job Category with templates of different providers create 2 dropdown menus during invocation attempts
29433 db:seed Fails with error "rake aborted! NoMethodError: undefined method `first' for nil:NilClass" when there are custom bookmarks created DB migrations
29431 Making puppet optional Puppet integration
29429 Dynflow tables are tried to migrate in parallel DB migrations
29420 POST /api/hosts/:id should not accept capabilities API
29417 Harden foreman.service using systemd features Packaging
29409 scap_file content get whitespace stripped
29407 Provisioning a host with DHCP half-applies to a generated host from DHCP provided name, not built host PuppetCA
29406 Add rubocop-minitest
29403 deleting a scap content returns the full XML in the http body
29402 Add missing gov cloud region us-gov-east-1 for EC2 Compute resources - EC2
29393 move Foreman's stories/components to @theforeman/stories JavaScript stack
29391 Entries per page setting not working as expected
29385 errors when submitting bad facts are not helpful Facts
29384 Connect By IP: IPv6 should be preferred over IPv4 Foreman

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