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28810 It is possible to create taxonomies named 'Any Organization' and 'Any Location' Organizations and Locations
28809 Move organizations handling to foreman
28808 React 17 - Remove deprecated life cycle functions
28807 Fix warnings during testing
28806 Foreman uses old version of JQUERY (v2)
28805 improve with how to bump/pin versions, how to do link locally
28804 use patternflys date picker
28801 foreman-rake foreman_openscap:bulk_upload:default gives PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: relation "foreman_openscap_scap_contents" does not exist
28797 Quantity Shown in Entitlement Report Template is incorrect
28796 Fresh install file missing upon successful install
28795 Identical Docker tags aren't grouped by repository Docker
28790 Add volumes capability
28787 RFE - last_checkin report template Templates
28786 RFE - Subscription report template Templates
28784 RFE - Improving the nomenclature of the report templates Templates
28782 Comparison between two Content Hosts Templates
28771 Missing taxonomy scoped routes for report templates API
28762 PXE templates do not render when IPv4 subnet is nil Templates
28760 Unable to create IPv6 subnet Other commands
28759 navigation doesn't respect url parameters JavaScript stack
28756 does not unwrap IPv6 bracket notation
28753 FactChartModal is broken in storybook
28749 find_vm_by_uuid returns different error in different compute resources
28743 Installer throws undefined method `param_value' foreman-installer script
28736 Use Pulp 3 for File and Container content in Katello
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