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32884 Host -> VM displays undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass
32879 all search/order fields in help message should have type Other commands
32878 Parent Hostgroup hammer parameter accept only name, not title Other commands
32876 Removing installation media from operating system doesn't remove installation media - hostgroup relation in database. Host groups
32874 Host group operating system media is not properly inherited from parent Host groups
32871 Remove consumers of Foreman context for toast alerts handling
32865 CentOS 8 Katello::Errors::CandlepinNotRunning
32864 MS DHCP Bonding Provisioning Interface
32863 Content-view version-number --help command and hammer full-help mismatch Other commands
32856 Show warning on login page if foreman is in domain subfolder Web Interface
32855 API available_networks by cluster no longer working Compute resources - VMware
32850 Reports malformed format string Reporting
32849 The snippet 'redhat_register' threw an error: undefined method `katello_agent_enabled?'
32847 job wizard fill description field with user data
32834 job wizard ghost text in search bar
32832 Host auto provisioning allows an existing host to be inserted again Host registration
32824 job wizard add repeats every field
32814 Ansible crashes if working_dir does not exist
32813 REX job with asynchronous SSH sometimes throws an error Smart Proxy - SSH
32804 Add advanced scheduling to job wizard
32803 job wizard 2 search fields overlap wrong
32801 Add SSH User field to Advanced Fields in Job Invocation
32795 Update window.confirm dialog to PF4 confirmation dialog Web Interface
32791 Support start_tls as an encryption method for LDAP
32790 After upgrade to 2.3.5 service returns 503 DB migrations
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