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26886 graphql: add queries for DiscoveryRules Discovery plugin
26885 Unable to fetch environment variables in dashboard
26882 Update fact importer for Foreman 1.23
26878 Deprecated behavior still tested and not removed
26876 Set FactoryBot.use_parent_strategy to true Tests
26874 Provision templates: pxe_kernel_options parameter is not rendered in the template
26873 Host group selection in Create Host form fails: uninitialized constant Fog::Compute::Vsphere::Network
26870 error updating a yum repo "can't write unknown attribute `capsule_id`" Repositories
26867 Oracle Enterprise Linux subscription-manager package
26865 command "hammer full-help" gives error "Error: undefined method `action' for false:FalseClass" Other commands
26864 command "hammer full-help" gives error "Error: undefined method `action' for false:FalseClass" Other commands
26862 HTTP Proxy support for pulp3 Repositories
26861 Make less props required for "EmptyState" component Web Interface
26853 update screenshots in readme file Web Interface
26833 searching for interface type always returns 0 results Audit Log
26828 Cannot unset global http_proxy setting. Settings
26824 Post Install could unmount boot iso and optionally delete from vmware
26822 Create host in breadcrumbs in host detail page after creating a host Web Interface
26819 When deploying host by image based provisioning wrong kind of template is shown to be resolved
26817 graphql: support image queries API
26816 Filter by os_minor includes unexpected values on the Satellite web UI. Search
26813 Accessing VM console from CR, shows error type message for currently not supported, ,should be an info type message. Compute resources - GCE
26807 Tasks are not searchable by name Foreman plugin
26806 Auto-reloading task status not working properly Foreman plugin
26802 Detect when scap content profile has no rules
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