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35120 Retain packages on Repository removes RPMs from Pulp but not from Katello Repositories
35118 CVV Compare - Add compare button and basic page for Packages
35117 Allow to add custom-fields in ansible.cfg for foreman-proxy
35116 hammer ansible role sync command only syncs when a role name is given
35115 host_details_ui settings can not be set to false via config rake target Settings
35111 Add support to add repos to sync plans with Foreman ansible modules. Sync Plans
35110 UI - Add sync plan info on Repository details UI Sync Plans
35109 Add Run/Delete action on sync plans UI Sync Plans
35108 UI - Sync plan details page Sync Plans
35107 UI - Create form for new sync plans with option to choose type and all current fields. Sync Plans
35106 UI - Index page for sync plans in React Sync Plans
35105 API/Hammer support for repository type sync plans Sync Plans
35104 Extend Sync plans models and controller to allow adding repositories Sync Plans
35103 RFE - Sync Plans should have the ability to sync specific repository Sync Plans
35101 Create /EFI/redhat symlinks in TFTP directory
35099 Using the docker-compose to install foreman foreman-installer script
35097 When you create a new host, you get redirected to host details, but page title stays "Create Host" Web Interface
35096 As a user, I can view Simplified ACS details in the UI. Web UI
35095 Job invocation viewer fails with undefined method `template_inputs' for nil:NilClass
35093 Missing selinux rule for ssh + puma + kerberos
35087 DNS POST: how to force record creation
35085 Possibility to enable or disable specific webhooks for individual hosts.
35080 foreman-installer crashes if current value is undef
35076 job invocation api doesnt show all validation errors Foreman
35067 Not able to add Host parameters on multiple hosts in satellite.
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