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27352 VMware Image based Provisioning fails with error- : Could not find virtual machine network interface matching <IP> Compute resources - VMware
27346 Missing audit records for Host Create Audit Log
27345 Products page sometimes does not load Web UI
27344 Fix CLI endpoints to create host under GCE Compute Resource
27343 Remove inconsistency for GCE provider on hammer side to fix compute-profile
27336 statistics page cards have no margin when navigation isn't collapsed Statistics
27330 dashboard display changed after move to foreman vendor Dashboard
27324 Add Jobs button to host detail page
27321 Null values for facts via API call API
27320 VNC console
27319 VNC console for kubevirt
27318 Extract table generator into reusable component Hammer core
27315 Postgres encoding issue
27309 Refactor new_vm and create_vm method in GCE so that it will create vm server instance only once Compute resources - GCE
27308 add dockerfile to smart proxy
27305 VM Poweron fails under AzureRM CR as 'Error - undefined method `start' for #<ForemanAzureRM::AzureRMCompute:0x007ffa7104ddf0> Did you mean? state'
27304 VM power off fails as undefined method `stop' for #<ForemanAzureRM::AzureRMCompute:0x007f3109d675e0>
27303 VM edit fails as 'NoMethodError in Hosts#edit'
27301 transient failure in UsergroupTest Tests
27300 Transient failure in PtableTest Tests
27299 Transient failure in AuditExtensionsTest Tests
27298 Transient test failure in audit mailer test Tests
27295 Tasks dashboard widget shows raw html instead of start time
27290 Foreman Proxy cannot delete FreeIPA/RedHat IdM host entry Realm
27284 Support fully automated provisioning with libvirt
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