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31417 Failed to fetch power status: ERF88-9474 [Foreman::BMCFeatureException] BMC
31413 foreman_webhooks: GraphQL api
31412 virt-who can't update the VMs-to-ESXi Host mapping since the last update
31411 Actions::Katello::Applicability::Hosts::BulkGenerate called many times with only a single host after sync plan runs Hosts
31405 Enable Ansible jobs to run with check-only or dry-run
31404 Improve Ansible so it matches Puppet features
31401 can't sync to a proxy on nightly Docker
31400 Assign templates automatically when creating new OS
31396 Foreman::Rake returned 1 instead of one of [0]
31392 Can't manage chef environments
31391 Refactor role model to simplify adding permissions from plugins Users, Roles and Permissions
31390 host interfaces API inconsistent about "attached_devices" type API
31389 Fix GraphQL queries from plugin
31386 Default to TLS 1.2+
31385 Disable weak ciphers in qpid-router Foreman modules
31379 katello Dokcer repo sync with private Azure registry fails
31378 Timed logout not working when on the Smart Proxies page while syncing
31376 Create the edit discovery rule page
31375 Create discovery rule wizard
31374 Create pf3 table for index page for discovery rules page
31373 Create a empty state component for the discovery rules Discovery plugin
31369 Remove Environment fixtures Puppet integration
31366 Extract PuppetParameter template InputType Puppet integration
31362 podman pull 404 error only on Katello 3.17 Docker
31361 [Foreman 2.3] [zh_CN/ja_JP] Non-localized string present in sub menu links of Infrastructure page. Internationalization
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