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30319 404 `AuthSourceLdap not found Please try to update your request` when trying to update auth source Authentication
30318 Fix capitalization on welcome page
30315 Break boostrap RPM creation's dependency on puppet-certs and katello-certs-tools
30309 Drop Pulp 2 related parameters from puppet-foreman_proxy Pulp plugin puppet-foreman_proxy
30308 Remove Pulp 2 and Qpid from puppet-katello puppet-katello
30307 Remove Pulp 2 and Qpid code from puppet-foreman_proxy_content puppet-foreman_proxy_content
30306 Drop Pulp 2 from all code
30305 Rewrite webhooks UI in React
30304 Logging of webhooks delivered
30303 Webhooks must be audited
30302 Foreman taxonomy and authorization support in webhooks
30301 Support authentication of webhooks
30300 Integrate template engine into webhooks
30298 Create and verify AWX webhooks templates
30297 Implement and verify Katello events
30296 Template macros are not shown in help list of edit template
30295 Implement and verify Foreman core events
30294 Installer for foreman_webhooks plugin Foreman modules
30293 Implement API and CLI for all pages in webhooks
30287 After Upgrading from Satellite 6.3 to Satellite 6.4 the gofer & katello-agent packages get installed in the satellite 6.4 server as satellite-tools-repository-6.4 gets enabled but during a fresh installation of satellite 6.4 cannot see the same scenario.
30285 Smart proxy registration API does not always return a structured JSON error response
30284 Provide clearer Smart Proxy registration errors with as much context as possible based on the error
30277 Remote execution fails if remote_working_dir contains spaces
30275 Update Sidekiq to 6.0.6 or higher
30273 User should explicitly choose whether they want to delete a VM or not upon host deletion
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