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33519 missing dependency for tfm-rubygem-qpid_proton
33518 Make force repo/capsule sync better handle mirrored metadata Repositories
33517 make metadata regeneration harder Repositories
33513 Job wizard has transperent menu in small screens
33507 There should be buttons to link in between the old host page and the new host detail page
33506 The host owner on the new host detail page should distinguish between the user and user group
33505 The new host detail page audits card gets misaligned
33504 The new host detail page hostname should never be split to two lines
33502 The host owner name should be expanded to the full width as it typically takes more than a one line
33501 New host detail page MAC should remain on one line if there's a long host group next to it
33499 The new host detail page enhancements tracker
33492 Global registration - Generate button should return you to General tab Host registration
33491 Experimental host page kebab menu buttons do nothing
33490 Edit button in experimental host page doesn't work
33489 [RFE] IBM Cloud Compute Resource Plugin
33487 Support Amazon Linux 2 repository mirroring Repositories
33486 /Job_Invocations/new? Refresh pop-up text doesn't disappear
33475 Allow managing collections on capsule when using Katello
33471 delete webpack/JobWizard/steps/form/__tests__/Formatter.test.js.example
33470 Support CentOS Stream 8 detection based on all facts Facts
33465 Default Organization View showing status as {{ historyText(version) }} when you check through Infrastructure --> Smart Proxies --> proxy --> content --> Library --> Default Organization View Foreman Proxy Content
33464 As a user, I can view, edit, refresh, and delete ACSs from an index page
33463 As a user, I can create CDN and RHUI ACSs via the UI
33462 As a user, I can create custom ACSs via the UI
33461 As a user, I can interact with ACSs via the UI
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