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26451 Better information about playbook run in report
26449 [keycloak] Unable to generate the initial configuration for SAML authentication if keycloak user needs OTP Authentication
26448 Unable to give host (unmanaged) DHCP address with bootdisk and preseed templates
26447 Syncing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host Trees x86_64 from CDN gives undefined method `to_datetime' for nil:NilClass OSTree
26445 uuid cannot be used for smart class parameter matcher Smart Variables
26443 changing gpg key on a repository has no effect
26442 The deleted additinal disk from Foreman is being created in VM in GCE Compute resources - GCE
26439 Searching for ~ ip* results in a malformed format string error Search
26438 Hammer command for creating variables
26437 Autocomplete on hosts fact page returns 404 Web Interface
26433 Bulk update all packages(via katello agent) fails
26432 Active Directory user not associated with "primary" group Users
26428 Ability to restart the machine while the remote execution job is still acting as running - backend
26427 Couldn't find Katello::Content without an ID (ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound) Repositories
26426 taxonomies that have "all $resource" selected aren't displayed on the resource taxonomy selection as selected Organizations and Locations
26425 my_locations and my_organizations should be simplified Organizations and Locations
26422 Distributor publish happening even if "matching_content" is true Content Views
26421 Implement multiple SCSIControllers for VMware backed host Compute resources
26420 Taxonomies controller does not return entire object on PUT API
26418 ignored_interface_identifiers and excluded_facts do not allow *_eth Settings
26416 Improve Taxonomy mismatch validation error message Organizations and Locations
26414 Api error when querying LDAP users
26413 A command that would show server version
26411 inline bastion as an engine Tooling
26403 [Debian Stretch] foreman-rake db:migrate -> Duplicate column name 'label' Database
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