Bug #26004

Updated by Ludwig Bayerlein over 3 years ago


we are using virt-who in our environment with the latest version installed.

h2. Versions

Katello: 3.8.1
virt-who: 0.22.5-1
Foreman: 1.19.1

virt-who asks the vCenter server for its virtual machines on one esxi. The esxi answers with 1 hypervisors und 51 machines. One of the virtual machines is t-wmu70, which is reported correctly. The hypervisor (esxi) is listed in content hosts via "virt-who-vmu147-5" with 25 content hosts. Unfortunately, t-wmu70 is not listed as virtual machine for this hypervisor. But we have proven it und registered it correctly via subscription-management. Bot systems (virtual machine and virt-who server) are RedHat systems.

Now why is t-wmu70 not a content host running on virt-who-vmu147-5?

I tried this change, but without success: