Bug #27081

Updated by Ivan Necas almost 5 years ago

The current implementation of tasks dashboard does this job but the following issues lower it's usability: 

 -1. 1. Full page refresh on every action on the dashboard kind of breaks the smooth experience, user looses the context for a while and tinkering with the controls soon becomes irritating. The refresh happens even in unnecessary situations, e.g. when selecting an already selected card.- Follow-up in #27272 card. 

 2. The highlihging of currently active elements is a bit inconsistent (see image). I'd imagine that the inactive cards would be grayed-out as a whole, currently the titles and some text elements are never grayed out, which works against the quick realizing of which filters are actually applied. 


 -Also Also when applying the old-style search filter (even an empty one), the donut charts from dashboard dissapear:- Follow-up in #27292 dissapear: 


 3. The modularity of active filters (blue boxes) is sometimes confusing, for example if I clear "state" and "time" filters to serach just for "mode = last" what am I actually searching for? Having something like 'start > 24h' would be more clear 

 4. The relationship between the dashboard and the old-style search is not very clear from the UI. They can be combined but old search is not refleced in active filters (contrary to mockups). So "Clear All Filters" doesn't really clean everything which is confusing. 

 5. The table in Stopped card is a bit unclear about what is clickable. I tried the rownames without effect, therefore I assumed for a while the table is just informative -- would be nice to be consistent with the table style where clickable elements are blue. 

 6. Just a minor annoyance, I'd increase the spacing between the number and "Total" within donuts.