Feature #28969

Updated by Jeremy Lenz 10 months ago

Add a new email notification to the Email Preferences tab of the User edit screen.

Title: Subscriptions Expiring Soon
Options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

(Maybe: Use Slot & Fill to implement, since it's only applicable in Katello but is on a Foreman page)

## User stories: stories

### This PR

* As a user, I want to be able to opt-in for email notification about subscriptions expiring $soon.
Each user can only get information about subscriptions they have permission to view

* As a user, I want to chose how often the notification should be sent, daily/weekly/monthly (consistent with other notifications)

### Future PR's

* As a user, I want to chose what $soon means, typically a week, 30 days, 90 days
* The notification should contain the list of subscriptions, not the systems that are affected by it (attached to them).
* The notification should contain the link to render a report with more details, specifically about what systems (hosts) will be affected by that expiration