Feature #31240

Updated by Leos Stejskal 9 months ago

h1. New Features

* general & advanced fields
* Two plugin extension points: General fields & advanced fields

h1. Updated fields

* can be changed in the form
* changing taxonomies will reload form data (
* Required field, can’t select ANY option

*Host Group*
* TODO: Make clear what it does

**Operating System**
* When OS selected: show link to Reg. template or show error with link to OS edit
* Added help to label

No changes

**Setup Insights | Rex**
* New simple logic: Inherit value (with actual value of parameter), enforce yes & enforce false
* Moved to advanced fields
* Yes/No in Inherit value is defined by selected Organization, Location, Host Group or Operating System.

**Token Lifetime**
* Moved to advanced fields
* Added validation (>= 1 && <= 999 999 999)

No changes