Feature #12635

Updated by Lukas Zapletal over 5 years ago

It looks like Grub2 is the best and most compatible way of PXE booting EFI hardware and it is available in most Linux distributions. It makes sense to provide To support in our Puppet classes and installer UEFI, we want to deploy these. Instructions on where slightly different DHCP configuration that allows booting via PXELinux for BIOS systems and via Grub2 for EFI systems. Also we want to find copy the firmware in RHEL7 are at (RHEL6 does not ship Grub2 so installer should fail or skip that). Similarly for Debian and Ubuntu it is available for direct download at or in debian-installer-8-netboot-amd64 package.
EFI bootloaders into the TFTP directory during the installation. This ticket adds that.