Bug #19435

Updated by Alan Evans over 5 years ago

I have been using a script to build/tear down my katello infrastructure for testing/planning.

After upgrading to 3.3 I noticed my repos weren't syncing. I ignored it for a while because I was working with other components. But I have come to believe it's a bug. I also noticed between 3.2 and 3.3 the ability to add a sync plan directly to a repository disappeared. I think the linked issue is trying to get at this as well.

Attached you will find the Vagrantfile I have been testing with. If I bring up a box w/ Katello 3.2/Foreaman 1.13 the automatically created repo will sync automatically (not exactly on schedule... not sure what's up w/ that, but it works.) If I switch to Katello 3.3 and Foreaman 1.14 then the created repo never syncs automatically.

I posted on the foreman-users list a bit back. I think I was mistaken about the behavior I described at the time though.