Feature #1711

Updated by Dominic Cleal almost 11 years ago

We use Libvirt-based compute resources and are all in all very happy with the way Foreman supports provisioning of virtual machines (still needing to work around issue #1639 though). And the web-based VNC console is just awesome.  


 But we dearly need an option at provisioning time to enable or disable the VNC password. Firstly, the password is nowhere noted, except in the VM's XML definition (@virsh edit foo@). It is not very practical to get it out of there. Secondly, to remove the password the VM needs to be shut down, which also very impractical and sometimes not even possible. All of this interferes pretty heavily with the idea of no-hands provisioning of machines. And since Foreman is not yet able to fully replace virt-manager and all its features (and I don't know that it ever should), I don't think it is a good idea to impede virt-manager's function by effectively disabling the VNC console. 


 Kinda related to this is issue #1644 which is the reason we can't even really use the web-based console. The default keymap that gets set is entirely wrong.