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Feature #31063 (Closed): Generate full host bootdisk when PXE templates are associated
In order for VMWare to work in EFI mode, bootdisk should generate full host bootdisk. 10/13/2020 07:58 AM
Bug #27668 (Closed): For VMware bootdisk builds, provisioning template renders "reboot" instead of "reboot --eject"
In Kickstart default template, following code ... . When safemode is turned of, it works fine. 08/20/2019 02:23 PM
Feature #27284 (New): Support fully automated provisioning with libvirt
When creating a new host in Foreman UI, the " ... t to a LibVirt host. (It's only supported on VMWare?) I can successfully provision a VM by se ... SO to the VM that the libvirt plugin creates. 07/11/2019 08:10 PM
Feature #26824 (Closed): Post Install could unmount boot iso and optionally delete from vmware
when not using a generic boot disk, in order to keep environments clean and not clutter up vmware environments with lots of boot iso's, it wou ... ving the image around but only unmounting it 05/17/2019 06:56 PM
Feature #24755 (Duplicate): Delete Bootdisk on Host Delete from VMWare ESXi host
Hi, there seems no way that the Plugin delete ... ad over 100 old ISOs in the folder left over. 08/30/2018 09:24 AM
Bug #24700 (New): VMWare Boot Disk not deleted after Host was deleted
The generated ISO for the boot disk based pro ... d after the computer was deleted from foreman 08/23/2018 03:48 PM
Bug #19168 (Duplicate): Power on the VM is called before boot-disk iPXE iso is mounted in VMWare
Using the boot-disk image against a vmware compute resource, the server shell in vmware is created, but is powered on before the ISO ... d. A simple reboot of the server from within vmware allows the iso to be seen and run the iPXE b ... otdisk version 8.0.2 Katello version 04/04/2017 02:25 PM
Feature #19013 (Closed): It would be useful if Boot Retry was enabled or configurable
When provisioning a VMware host and using an ISO, the ISO is sometimes ... ot if it is unable to find a bootable medium. 03/23/2017 05:05 PM
Bug #16216 (Resolved): Bootdisk based imaging ... terface instead of the provisioning interface
Using latest version of Katello, with boot disk based imaging for VMware. I am attempting to build a VM in our DMZ wi ... shots of the interface configuration for both 08/21/2016 07:45 PM
Bug #14896 (Closed): Exception generating bootdisk with syslinux split over directories
I need to provision a number of guests in a PXE-less VMware vCloud environment, and bootdisk seems like ... Views: 15.6ms | ActiveRecord: 17.5ms) </pre> 05/02/2016 04:59 AM