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a02da228 04/01/2016 05:11 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Fixes #10199 - Disable image capabilities under compute resource

Docker container images are not created this way, and its just confusing
to users when they see this tab.

00ab1f9d 03/29/2016 03:33 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Refs #14181 - Fix authentication validation when creating registry

On 9ea405911cef1f02ca42db77c16bea4fe297093e Docker.authenticate! was
calling /auth on the Docker host API. This kind of authentication was
not correct, as it was authenticating access to the Docker host, not to...

b0e98702 03/28/2016 01:46 PM Bryan Kearney

Fixes #14244 - Update the strings to be more compliant with the project standards

9ea40591 03/14/2016 09:53 PM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Fixes #14181 - Validate registry URL and attempt login

In order to avoid users trying to create containers in an external
registry that doesn't exist, we should provide some preventative

31e5a925 03/14/2016 01:18 PM Ori Rabin

Fixes #13231 - error processing uses full_messages

8627992a 01/15/2016 05:56 AM Ori Rabin

Fixes #13228 - add attr_accessible to enviroment and image

73a7bb7b 01/13/2016 12:54 PM Ori Rabin

Fixes #12973 - adding missing attr_accessible

c80f3b10 12/11/2015 11:07 AM Tom Caspy

fixes #7230 - rails 4 compatibility

3ddeb32c 12/09/2015 04:46 PM John Mitsch

Refs #12726 - Adding attr_accessible :email to docker model

79287e76 12/08/2015 11:33 AM Tom Caspy

fixes #12726 - adding attr_accessible

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