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3bc253a2 10/18/2014 05:34 AM David Davis

Refs #7642 - Create docker image and tag models

dc3be9a0 10/17/2014 06:41 AM David Davis

Fixes #7977 - Enabling rubocop for foreman-docker

9c1fa5fb 10/09/2014 06:07 AM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Rubocop support and config

3eab3643 10/09/2014 05:27 AM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Containers wizard and index

fa9ff801 10/09/2014 05:23 AM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Controllers and engine for containers

fa0415f4 09/03/2014 05:56 AM Daniel Lobato Garcia

Show container info even if entrypoint is empty

ENTRYPOINT and CMD might be nil on the container. In this case, the
current code just throws a 500 because it's checking for .any? on a nil
object instead of .present?

29812b3a 04/03/2014 09:08 AM Dominic Cleal

Update to pass CR class to plugin registration

d4e021f3 03/25/2014 11:14 AM Amos Benari

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