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Ohad Levy, 09/08/2009 04:01 AM

Welcome to the Torque wiki!


Torque integrates with Puppet (and acts as web front end to it).
Torque would take care for the bare bone provisioning until the point puppet is running, letting Puppet do what it does best.
Torque will show you Systems inventory (based on facter) and can provide information about hosts based on Puppet reports.

Torque can create everything you need when adding a new machine into your network, its goal would be to manage automatically everything you would normally do manually - that could include DNS, DHCP, TFTP, PuppetCA, CMDB and everything else you might consider useful.
The idea is you can always rebuilt your machines from scratch

The Torque is design to work in a Large enterprise, where multiple domains, subnets and puppetmasters are required. in many cases, Torque could help remote provisions when no experienced technicians are available.

more infomation
for most common questions, see the Installation instructions, features or the FAQ

Some screenshots(out of date) and other info can be found here