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Dominic Cleal, 11/15/2012 04:20 AM
Install foreman-libvirt

Compute Resources

Compute Resources are providers which can create new virtual machines / instances.

The main features for Compute Resources are :
  • Abilitity to create VM with multiple disks and NICs or a cloud instance based of an image
  • Console directly integrated in Foreman UI
  • Support of Power Management and full deletion of Host/VM in Foreman UI
  • Full RBAC (Role Based Access Control) for Compute Resources, this allows to define who can deploy VM's/instances

Currently Supported Compute Resources



Uses the "virt" and "libvirt" rubygems. If using an RPM-based Foreman installation, install "foreman-libvirt" to install all dependencies and the bundler.d configuration (without this, the gems won't get loaded).


See more description at

VMWare VCenter

see VMWARE ESX/Vcenter Integration

Currently in experimental state, the following is supported
  • list VM's
  • View VM graphical console



The following functions are available in provisioning templates when deploying using a compute resource:

Name Description Example
@host.capabilities The way we are provisioning our system, can be either build(e.g kickstart) or Image if @host.capabilities.include?(:image) ...
@host.provider The Compute Resource Provider @host.provider == "EC2"

for a complete list review TemplateWriting